Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties, going on a trip

Gift ideas under 100

A GPS watch is what an explorer who is trekking the globe needs on her wrist, and this model in pink, which is her favorite color. Check out the Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch. It is water resistant for when she goes scuba diving or swimming with dolphins and is button operated for ease of use. It will sure come in handy when she wants to keep track of distances from day to day too. My, what a thoughtful boyfriend you are today.

And, if she’s all about the retro, why not gift wrap a paisley sleep mask for those nights when she has trouble falling asleep under the stars. It could be that she’s tossing and turning thinking how much she misses you or that the lights are too bright in the hostel where she’s trying to sleep on the cheap. Whatever the reason for her drowsiness, you can help her have a better sleep by giving your girlfriend this adorable sleep mask as a going away present.​

Other presents that your honey will appreciate receiving before she boards her plane include:

  • ​Long distance pre-paid calling cards
  • Portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Personalized luggage tags (Put your pet nickname for her on them)
  • Cute travel suitcase stickers
  • Inflatable hoodie pillow (Yup, it exists)
  • Refillable travel bottles

Gift ideas under 500

Your sweetie is off to see the world! While you’d like to fit in her suitcase, you know it’s just not going to happen because you’re a working-Joe now and simply can’t afford a vacation right now. That’s okay though because you want her to live it up, provided she tells you everywhere fun she goes!

Sooooo, one of the best girlfriend gifts is going to be a Cork Globe. What, you haven’t heard of this one before? It’s a traditional map of the world, mounted on a stainless steel base, with a new twist. It’s made with cork so that your girl can add pins and decorate each new place she visits. Then, when she returns home, she can explain every adventure to you!

PSST: Before you wrap the globe, tuck in a box of Flag Push Pins in assorted colors that she can use to mark locations on the globe. There, now she’s all set to travel; bring on the brouhaha (we like that word today).

Gift ideas under 1000

Tell your girlfriend she’s good to GO on her once-in-a-lifetime trip with a present unlike any other: the silver GoPro HERO4. Not only will she be able to use this ultra-cool technology to take photos of everything from the Taj Mahal to the chewing gum on the bottom of her shoe but she’ll also get a built-in video trimming feature to take short video clips. Encourage her to capture funny moments along her travels and send them to you at home via her laptop.

But, of course, the GoPro alone won’t make you the hunkiest guy on the planet in your girlfriend’s eyes. You’ll also be gifting her ​the best GoPro accessories, from a clip she uses to attach her GoPro to the strap of her backpack to a helmet front mount so she can create unique live footage. Watch her face light up at all of the techie fun she’ll have on her trip.

Man Cave Troubleshooter: If she’s not sure how to import HERO4 files to her Mac, there are a few methods. She can use the free program GoPro Studio, use an SD Adapter, or choose to manually or automatically transfer the pic with image capture. Get the full scoop here, directly from GoPro.