Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties, getting deployed

Gift ideas under $100

A romantic gift fit for a girlfriend being deployed is a message in a bottle. This present is more meant as a symbolic gesture rather than actually to be put into the ocean. The materials you will need are:

  • An empty glass bottle
  • Bottle cork
  • Piece of floss
  • Piece of 8-1/2 x 12inch piece of paper 
  • Sharpie marker

Beachcombing for the bottle will give it that rustic look you want (versus the one whose contents you just emptied into your wine glass). Next, cut the 8-1/2 x 12inch piece of paper in half and this length should roll well into the bottle neck and be easier for her to remove later too. Get the rest of the steps for creating a romantic message in a bottle gift for the woman in your life by following the steps in this YouTube tutorial.

Another option? ​Get your girlfriend a present of personalized photo dog tags. These are the dog tags issued to the woman you love before she goes to serve her country. On one tag can be a cute couples photo of you two and the other one can have special words like “love you” followed by her name.

Gift ideas under $500

A special memento for your girlfriend to carry on her as she embarks on such a big journey is a Heart Pocket Compass. This one is handcrafted from pewter and engraved with the words “My Heart Will Guide You Home” on the back of it. She can slip it into the pocket of her uniform to give her strength on the tough days. It even comes in a velveteen pouch for safe keeping. While it has a small compass on the back, it is not necessarily reliable for navigation but, instead, is primarily meant to signify that her heart belongs back at home with you.

Another of the gift ideas for a deploying girlfriend is a memory book from Heartfelt Books that you personalize to your relationship, from the cover of the book to the milestones you and special feelings you fill it with. Your honey bun can look through the pages when she misses you and she’ll look forward to creating new memories for the book upon returning home.

Or if your girlfriend is more of a visual person than a reader, she might appreciate a custom photo book more. You can create them at a number of sites online, including Shutterfly. ​You’ll need to allow three business days for the making of the book if you choose Shutterfly though, so plan ahead to ensure you give her the present before she deploys. 

Gift ideas under $1000

Before your favorite girl heads off to her post, give her a present that she won’t be expecting: a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Make it something that has been on her bucket list since you first met her; when it is a special event for her it will be one she can replay for the months she will be away from home. Here are some examples of experience gifts for your girlfriend, depending on her personality:

  1. ​Adventurer – She loves a thrill, so you’ll give her a beginner’s flying lesson in your city or a hike up an awesome mountain led by a guide to reach a glorious peak
  2. Sophisticated – Treat her to a day of wine tasting in the best wineries in the city; explore and have a blast in relaxed, chic settings
  3. Culture Queen – A food tour of the local gourmet shops and restaurants sounds like an amazing experience for this kind of gal
  4. Artistic – Her gift is a private glass blowing lesson, where she can experience creating things from molten glass under the lead of a certified instructor

Another thoughtful gift she will love – and use daily – is a dual time zone watch. Trying to figure out time zones between where she relocates and home can be tricky, so now she can easily figure out the time in both places with this type of watch. We like the HMEWatch Unisex ATC Aviator Watch because it is classy without being gaudy in rose gold and is proudly made in the USA (just like your sweetheart). She will be able to plan out your calls to one another easier with this timepiece on her wrist.