Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties, finding out she is pregnant

Gift ideas under $100

Display the first sonogram photo in this adorable Love at First Sight Frame. It holds the amazing 5inch-by-4inch pic perfectly and has wall hangers on the back if she wants to put it on the wall instead of propping it on her dresser. Capture the beautiful memory of the baby to come in this silver frame made of sturdy wood.

Another gift idea for your lovely woman is to pamper her with a luxurious skincare set. She’ll have one less thing to worry about ​if you take care to gift her a moisturizing line specifically made for prego women; choose one free of sulfates and parabens, like the Bun in the Oven Skincare Set. The kit includes belly butter, a lightweight face cream, body toning oil, gentle body wash, and lip balm for her oh-so-kissable lips. Oh right, those are the same lips that got this whole situation started.

Gift ideas under $500

Plan ahead for a maternity photography shoot once she starts to show more on her belly. Your girlfriend will love that you still think of her as beautiful when she is curvier than before maternity.

Make it a whole day devoted to your growing family. Book a stylist to glam up your special lady before the shoot and then treat her to pickles and ice cream after the photo session is over (or whatever other strange food combinations she is craving then). The pics that result will not only be enjoyed during the pregnancy but also throughout motherhood as junior grows up. 

Want to save a few bucks on the photo shoot? Book early to see if you can get a better deal. Also, refer a friend who is also pregnant or needs professional pictures for another reason and you might be able to swing a discount for your own photographs. It doesn’t hurt to ask the photographer for a deal! Preferably though you should do so when your girlfriend is out of the room so that you don’t look cheap (hint hint).

Or, if a maternity shoot isn’t really your thing, you can always get her a pregnancy pillow instead. She’ll sleep better with this item, and that makes for a restful night for you both… at least until she has to go pee pee again.​

Not sure which pregnancy pillow to get? Opt for an online bestseller like the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow that has a close-to-perfect 5-star rating from about 6,000 customers.​ It offers support and cuddle comfort for when your soon-to-bed dad bod is out of the house.

Gift ideas under $1000

As your girlfriend goes through pregnancy, the baby bump will get bigger, along with her breasts (yippee!), hips, and feet (what you didn’t know that?). While she knows that she’ll need to get new clothes to accommodate her new body shape, what she doesn’t know yet is that you’re going to treat her to luxurious maternity wear.

​Get her beautiful dresses for those nights when she feels so bloated and depressed that she can’t fit into her favorite dress from pre-maternity. With amazing maternity wear, it’s easy for her to feel great about her body that is curvier than it once was. And you’re the one that provided the special treat; way to go, future papa!

For designer maternity clothes, try Nine In The Mirror. They handpick runway styles and customize them to fit women in their first to third trimester. Your girlfriend’s going to give birth to your child soon so, yeah, she’s worth splurging on.