Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties, buying a car

Gift ideas under $100

Chicks love personalized presents. Record a CD of you singing songs that have special meaning to your relationship and put it into her car for her to play the next time she’s on the road. These songs might include the tune that was playing on your friend’s crummy stereo when you first met her at that house party or the Bruce Springsteen song booming over the stadium at the last football game you attended together. You get the idea.

Other great custom car gift ideas for women include​:

  • ​Car mats with her initials on it
  • Travel mug decorated with her favorite pattern or quote, for her to take her coffee with her in the car. Not sure how to design it? Just follow this DIY guide
  • Silver heart key chain engraved with her name 

Another thoughtful present is the AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit. There’s a reason AAA is the biggest motor club out there and known by everyone – they’ve got your back if there’s ever a car problem. Tell her to keep this kit in the trunk in case of need (kind of like that condom you kept in the glove compartment for a year back when you were single).  

The quality kit includes everything your girl needs if her car has an issue, from an 8-gauge heavy duty booster cable to a 19-piece first aid kit and flashlight with batteries included.

While you want to be there to help her if her vehicle ever breaks down, you know she loves being able to be independent too. Plus, you might be in the middle of scarfing down a Big Mac when she calls you for help, lol.

Gift ideas under $500

Let’s face it, sometimes she is like Dory from the movie Finding Dory and doesn’t have the best memory about where places are located. And that’s putting it nicely. Help her out with the gift of navigation! The Garmin GPS Navigation System with a built-in dash cam, maps, and HD traffic navigator is going to help her get around the city faster and maybe even pick you up on time if you’re lucky.

The 6-inch system comes with magnetic mount easily fits in her car​ and it even has features to help make her more aware of the roadway, such as Lane Departure Warning that alerts her if she drives off the road and Forward Collision Warning for if she drives too close to the car in front. All this to keep your honey safe and sound when you’re not around. You deserve an award for Boyfriend of the Year, in case you haven’t received it yet.

Another great gift idea for your girl, if she gives you the green light to go ahead and mod her car, is to take it to a shop for a few enhancements. Give the car a sporty look, even if it’s just a plastic pile of parts because she loves this vehicle so much that she’s even named it. Two great options are to lower the car and change out its plain grill for a flashy one.

TIP: When winter, is gone, do her a favor and upgrade her tires to summer performance tires. The tread patterns and better rubber will increase traction and make for a smooth ride with great handling around turns that puts all-season tires to shame.

Gift ideas under $1000

If your girlfriend works in the city or frequents the area often (like when she’s racking up your credit card bill at the malls there), then buy her a reserved parking space there for a year. Your sweetie will save a ton of money not having to pay for street parking, not to mention always having somewhere safe to park her new car. Once she’s pulled into the spot a few times, she’ll be so happy that she’ll pull you into her at night too (yup, you can join our minds in the gutter).

Top off the present for your girlfriend with a custom parking sign from Etsy. ​This 8inch-by-12inch metal sign about her beauty ought to make her smile, or you might decide to gift her a funny one instead if you want to hear her amazing laugh today.

Hey You: Want to go the extra mile and ​get her a few extra miles free of charge? Your gal will appreciate a gas card that can take her through a few months of driving, especially if she’s not making that much money yet at her first real job.