Gift ideas for a girlfriend in her thirties, finishing a marathon

Gift ideas under $100

Getting to the finish line is a reason to celebrate! This running girl decal for your girlfriend’s laptop, smartphone, or car is a great present to keep her motivation going for the sport. Not only will the handmade vinyl sticker remind your baby of the strides she’s made (literally) but also keeps her pumped for the next race.

Another gift idea for your running gal is to grab a bottle of massage oil and gently soothe her tired legs. The massage can increase blood flow to her tender muscles and free them of any waste products built up over time during training. Relax her leg muscles as a special treat for her and add a few kisses for good measure.

While we’re on the topic of relaxation and recovery, she won’t have to worry so much about fatigued leg muscles when she gets the gift of a pair of compression calf sleeves. The nylon-and-spandex knee-high running sleeves compress and support soft tissue, whether she wears them after the race or during competition. Choose from three sizes and six colors.

TIP: Choose compression sleeves rather than traditional compression socks as they are more versatile; sleeves are typically lighter and more breathable than socks.

Gift ideas under $500

If your girlfriend wants to continue running marathons, she will love receiving the Suunto Ambit3 Run GPS Watch. This popular unit with athletes will help her track important performance stats, including pace, speed, and heart rate. The GPS feature is accurate, with minimal delay, according to consumer reviews online. The lime color is awesome, but if she’s more of a classic gal, then black or white bands may better suit her.

Another sporty present for your run girl is a new pair of athletic shoes. If you’re not sure which pair of runners to get her or what is her size, hand her a gift certificate to a local sports store that she loves to visit. Alternatively, pick her up the morning after the race and explain that she can get any pair of running shoes she wants, so long as she directs you where to go in town to get them. If you go with the GC option instead, make it for at least $200 as sports footwear isn’t cheap these days, at least not if she wants the good ones.​

Add in an overnight foot repair cream to tell her you care about her tootsies. Offer to massage those cute feet of hers later too. The chances are good that you may get some lip lock out of it, hint hint.​

Gift ideas under $1000

Help your girlfriend out by getting her a high-end blender to make all of those wonderful smoothies that she spends copious amounts of money on during the week at juice bars. Now she can make fruit and veggie smoothies whenever she wants, without having to leave home, thanks to the Breville Blender in sleek stainless steel. Its nickname “The Boss” is fitting given that it provides awesome smoothies and has preset functions that let her walk away even while blending… and into your arms. Reminder: Go to gym pronto to beef up your arms.

If you want to go the extra mile to reward your cutie for the many miles she has run, why not give her jewelry? Pick a design that fits with her athletic mode, like the figure of a jogger as a necklace pendant or a Pandora Running Shoe Charm in sterling silver for her bracelet.

And don’t stop there with the “charm-ing” present. Go to a local engraver and get the marathon date stamped on it. Note: Plan ahead! The running woman you love will know the race date in advance so you will have time to pull off the surprise present. Expect a few weeks for delivery of the charm and two more weeks for engraving to be complete. If the big day is close to Christmas or Valentine’s, allow for a couple of extra weeks as these are busy times of year for online stores and engravers.