Gift ideas for a girlfriend in her thirties, after giving birth

Gift ideas under $100

Give your girlfriend a fashionable tote that meets her needs without being embarrassing to lug around town. This Hip Cub Diaper Bag in black and white combines runway style with the demands of being a mom. The seven pockets are perfect for storing baby bottles, diapers, feeding utensils, wet things, and more. It even includes a matching changing mat for on-the-go diaper changes. 

Other presents for under $100 for the brand new mamma include:

​One more idea? Get your fabulous woman a pair of feminine pajamas. As she will be spending a few weeks in sleepwear, this present will be a welcome surprise.

Gift ideas under $500

A sweet gift for a new mom is a personalized necklace with the baby’s name and birthdate on it (or any other custom details). We’re partial to this mother’s necklace with baby feet and a mix of 14k gold filled with sterling silver. Pick from ten different types of chains and three available fonts.

Include this necklace in a basket with other thoughtful gifts for mommy dearest. Include snacks that she can easily grab to eat with one hand (the baby will take the other hand for a while yet) and picture frames for​ the photos to come of the little tyke. You can even go DIY crazy and make wooden picture frames. Also, slip a gift certificate to a restaurant she loves that has a delivery service; this treat will be great for a day when she’s too tired even to recognize who you are (don’t take it personally).

Gift ideas under $1000

Sign up for a meal service and get delicious ingredients for dinner served right to the doorstep. Blue Apron has her meals covered. Your girlfriend won’t have to worry about what to make the family for dinner in addition to changing diapers and trying to get the baby to stop crying long enough to fall asleep.

With Blue Apron, get a delivery once a week with all the ingredients necessary to make three meals, such as chicken chilaquiles. There is a vegetarian option too. If you help with a dirty diaper here and there, maybe your girlfriend will let you have a few bites of food too.

A rocking chair is another fantastic way to pamper the mother of your child. For those late-night feedings, this wide and comfy nursery rocker from Dorel will keep your partner comfortable while still being able to prop up your boy or girl in her arms.

The chair is one-and-a-half times wider than a typical rocker to allow for quality time with your child. Rocking the baby to sleep or helping the infant stop crying are other great uses for the attractive upholstered rocking chair. This furniture item is a staple for many young families for many reasons!