Get The Aid Of This ‘Grenade’ (For The Survivalist In You)

Where’d you get that hand grenade?



Yup, that’s how the conversation is going to go down when you whip out a paracord “grenade” survival kit to show your buds. Oh yeah, you better tell them it’s not a real grenade, so the SWAT team doesn’t whoop your ass.

This ingenious survival grenade is basically a package filled with essential survival tools. It holds everything you need to last out in the wilderness or just in case of zombie apocalypse, all wrapped up in several feet of paracord. The “pin” of the grenade is a D-clip keychain, so you can attach it to your belt or backpack.

We imagine something like this would be helpful for the cast of The Walking Dead. We don’t mind sharing the gear inside either if Daryl Dixon asks us nicely.

There is a whole whack of different paracord survival grenades available in different sizes and colors. Each one varies a bit in what it contains. There’s the camo style with fire starter for the veteran who still wants to kick butt outdoors, the paracord survival fishing kit for that camping guru everyone knows, and more.

Here are just some of the survival tools you can find inside the different paracord survival grenades: tactical cord, waterproof matches with starter, fishing line, jute twine, LED flashlight, mini folding knife, button compass, water purification tablets, flint striker, safety pins, and 8 feet of military trip wire.

The supplies vary, depending on the type and size of grenade you choose. Maybe you want to use it for hunting animals, fishing, or just having fun. Or if you’re out looking for trouble, like any true man. If you’re stuck in the wilderness, it’s your best friend (mom would be proud of you).

Built strong and lightweight, the survival grenades are here to save the day. They are rainproof and windproof; the tools inside are fully protected by the paracord shell.

Ready for emergency survival situations? You are now.