Gamer’s Paradise: How to Design a Minecraft Man Cave

Gamer’s Paradise: How to Design a Minecraft Man Cave

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Who says your 3D virtual world has to stay in Minecraft? Let's take the game beyond, into your home. Design a Minecraft-themed man cave today by compiling the best resources, just as you would in the game world, only in reality a day lasts longer than 10 minutes and you beat the monsters every time!

Minecraft Design 3D

go mine the wall

When is a wall not a wall? When it's being mined, of course. Here is Steve hard at work mining, and now the decal can be a part of your den's wall. The 3D effect is just like the video game and it's like he's right in your wall! Bring the game out of the computer and into your lair.

The Minecraft Steve Mining Wall Decal simply adheres to the wall so you won't need tools to hang it. Plus, it can peel off easily if you want to take it down in the future (why you wouldn't want it up 24/7 though is beyond us). There are no limits to your imagination, and this decal reminds you of that!

keep calm & storage on

Pallet Trunk

Where will you keep the resources you collect as you build your home and the rest of your world? In a wooden storage chest, of course! After all, that's how you store stuff in the 3D world, isn't it? Why should reality be any different? Plus, the funky chest can double as your coffee table. Yes, you can pretend it was your idea first; we'll let you, but just this one time.

Build your storage chest from wood pallets as a DIY project. Here are the steps:

how to build a reclaimed wood storage chest

  1. Start by disassembling the pallets, using a crowbar or a reciprocating saw to cut the nails.
  2. Next, create the frame by ripping 1x4 pieces down the middle and then taking two 1x2 pieces to use as the trunk's length. 
  3. Cut 1x4 pieces to the height you want the trunk to be and put the two frames together.
  4. Get complete instructions using this step-by-step guide.

build your world in high res

Play Minecraft in High Res

So you want to play the full version of Minecraft, with smooth lighting, clouds, and more, with the best resolution possible. But you likely don't want to go bankrupt doing it! As you won't get the game's full resolution on a tablet, laptop or game console, stick with the PC. Choose a PC with a 64-bit operating system and at least 4GB of memory. Install Oracle's Java in the 64-bit version too.

Looking for all this tech goodness wrapped in one package? Then get the Dell OptiPlex 745 Tower Computer with a 64-bit OS and integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000, as well as quality built-in sound audio. It includes an iCompNY keyboard and mouse too. The Windows 7 software is preinstalled for you. This computer also doubles as your way to access Google to get the latest Minecraft tricks and how-to videos on YouTube.

Make a Minecraft Chair

try to de-throne this

Move over Game of Thrones, you're not the only one with a throne chair! Now, you want to have one that is comfortable to sit on for your gaming activities, and that lets you feel like the King that you are.

The best bet? A recliner in a camouflage fabric that looks like it belongs in the wilds of your Minecraft world. It would have built-in heat and message features to calm you down after battling monsters.

Fully recline in the seat (make no mistake, it's all yours) when you want to take a nap between gaming or feel the compulsion to brainstorm your next strategy. You could always craft a mini-fridge and put it beside the chair for when you get hungry.

Torch Minecraft for Man Cave

carry the torch

You'll need lighting in your den, won't you? After all, you'll be up to all hours of the night fighting mobs, collecting inventory, and working at the crafting table. It takes time to build the perfect world, and you'll do even better when you have good lighting!

Get the Minecraft Think Geek Wall Torch that has a graphic design reminiscent of the coolest game ever. It comes with a plastic flap for hanging on the wall, just like in the game, or stand it upright on the coffee table.

Use it to stop the monsters that keep creeping your space!​

Combine the virtual world with real-world design as you build a Minecraft man cave to call your very own. Get the best computer system possible, add in a storage trunk that doubles as a coffee table, 3D artwork, and anything else that fills your mine-happy mind. It's time for the survival mode of play, and you're in full control when it comes to how you design your lair. Just beware of creepers!


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