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Why is the most useless information the most entertaining at the same time? We don't know either, but you got to check out those 7 cars for your bucket list. Or those top 10 most dangerous sports! Or the 8 things you should know by your 40s... You get the idea!
Most Dangerous Sports in the World

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Do you have a death wish?
you have to drive these cars before you die

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Drive. Earn bragging rights. Die.
Tips for Picking Up Chicks

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Rules are meant to be followed, guys, when it comes to the pick up.
Cultural References

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Warning: You might relate to this.
Tips for Friends With Benefits

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Casual sex. Fun. And possible.
NBA Players Rich Beyond Wildest Dreams

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Dreams would be sweeter if we had this kind of money!
Wild Orchid is Sexier Than Porn

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Uber sexy scenes. Pornos have nothing on these moments.
Romantic Comedies Guys Love

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So you want a rom-com that won't suck? You're welcome.
Sports Injuries Embarrassment

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Get ready to cringe.
in your 40s

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So you hit your 40s. This is what you realize.