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Why is the most useless information the most entertaining at the same time? We don't know either, but you got to check out those 7 cars for your bucket list. Or those top 10 most dangerous sports! Or the 8 things you should know by your 40s... You get the idea!
Don't Do These Things in 30s

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Are we serious? You tell us.
signs you are not an alpha male

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A is for alpha. Beta keep reading, men.
Dating a Beautiful Woman Means Competition

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She's a 10. You have issues.
big mistakes in your online dating game

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Because you're not getting any.
Female Fantasy of Domination

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She's naughty and it's nice.
a list of dogs that will make you look manly

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Life goal: Get a manly dog.
Lego Hacks

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Lego my lair.
Modern Man Grooming Essentials Tips

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I'm busy tonight. I have to groom myself.
1980s and Signs of a Real Man

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Back when the word bitchin' was a good thing.
Real Men in the 1970s

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Can you dig it?