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Why is the most useless information the most entertaining at the same time? We don't know either, but you got to check out those 7 cars for your bucket list. Or those top 10 most dangerous sports! Or the 8 things you should know by your 40s... You get the idea!
Epic Masculinity Fails

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Masculinity meets WTF.
Strange Retro Ad

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These ads for retro products are, well, unique.
Vintage Computer Ads for This Guy

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For the love of nostalgia!
These Retro Games Won't Sell Today

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A game by any other name would be popular today.
Creepy Music Cover in Vinyl

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Just a topless woman and her pussy. Creepy 101.
Bring Back These Vintage Grooming Products for Men

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We're all for perv antiperspirant.
You Won't Believe the Vintage Men's Underwear Ads

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One word: underflair.
Types of Men at the Crossfit Gym

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People watching is another sport, you know.
You Didn't Know You Need to Groom

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For the groomaholic in you.
Next Girlfriend is a Real Estate Agent

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She's prime real estate, for sure.