Forgot Where You Put Your Keys? Not Anymore

The “key” to never forgetting where you put your keys again is… this awesome magnetic bull’s eye. The Areaware Men’s Key Target is perfect for any man who can’t remember where he put the car keys and is seriously running late already.

Never get behind in your day again when you keep your keys on this magnetic holder. It’s shaped like a bull’s eye, so it’s a perfect target to hit with your keys. You’ll stay on target, or at least when it comes to being organized, bwahaha.

We know that sometimes you’re distracted when you enter the man cave, without much worry for where you drop your keys. After all, there are episodes of The Walking Dead to catch up on, not to mention the sports mags to flip through. All high priority tasks, of course.

And it’s not like you need great skillz to hit the target. It’s big enough that you can simply aim in the direction of it, and you’re likely to hit the magnet. Just because you suck at darts doesn’t mean you’ll suck at hitting this key target. The wooden Areaware disk is easy to mount, thanks to the notches on its back. Its bright stripes make it a fun part of your lair too.

This men’s Key Target is way more exciting than a traditional key rack. It fits with the playful theme of your man cave and is a good conversation starter when your buds come by to hang out. They can use the target too for their keys. Just make sure they take the right ones when they leave!

Sure, this bull’s eye adds to the stereotype that men lose their keys a lot but, well, it’s sorta the truth, isn’t it? Until we get better at remembering where we put them, let’s just say that this Areaware magnetic key target is a must-have for the crib.