For The Easiest DJ Experience & Slick Audio

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of being a DJ or you want to up the level of audio you mix, produce, and record. If you have previously been scared off by the assumption that it’s too hard to learn the music tech scene, then we’ve got something awesome for you.

It’s called the Monster GO DJ portable mixer digital turntable, and it’s about to become your new best friend in your man cave (step aside, Bob).

Get a load of this. Go DJ delivers slick audio and a ton of features, all within a mixer small enough to fit in your pocket – unlike some of our favourite midi keyboards. Seriously? Yes. We’re talking broadcast-quality sound and the ability to perform your DJ sets wherever you want with this baby by your side. No computer necessary.

And there are even more reasons why you’ll want to use this sexy turntable instead of another controller. It runs on a Lithium-ion battery, so you won’t need to lug along an AC adaptor. Plus, each end features digital turntables – read that again if you have to. The digital turntables (cheering over here) are responsive, meaning they utilize touch screen technology. So you can play back, record, and mix audio onto high-res WAV files – all on digital LCD displays that mimic the classic turntable look.

Is your mind blown yet?

Also, enjoy a built-in automatic BPM analyzer, so you won’t have to use an app like MixMeister anymore. Don’t worry about the battery running out of juice quickly either when you’re on the go as it has a 12-hour life.

In case you want to spin beats without bothering people around you, just plug your headphones into it; there’s a headphone input. There is a mic too, just in case you want to record any noise on the fly. Other specs include a 4GB internal memory and SD card slot.

Whether you’re new to learning about audio from the tech side, a musician trying to up his game, or a DJ or producer who wants a quality portable controller, you’ve just found your Wonderland.