For Millennials Who Don’t Eat Cereal, Try The Master Pan Instead

The latest revelation rocking the Internet world is that Millennials are choosing not to eat cereal for breakfast. While fruit loops were once a beloved treat in the morning, they are now being turned away. As we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day (mom said it again and again), so we’d better hope that Millennials find a breakfast item they like more than cereal. Or, instead of hoping, you could just get them a Master Pan to use in the morning.

It’s an all-in-one grilling dream. A one-man pan, you might say.

With the Master Pan, you no longer need multiple pots and pans to make an awesome breakfast of eggs, sausages, bacon, and pancakes. The one multi-sectioned pan lets you cook or fry five or six different foods at once! Let that sink in. You get the ultimate fry up to eat in the man cave and spend less time on cleanup!

The double non-stick surface of the 15″ pan is great for making sure foods don’t stick to it, and you won’t need to use a bunch of oil either. The die-cast aluminium is great quality. It’ll save you cook time too; you can cut the time in half, so you get back to gaming in your crib sooner.

Then, when the meal’s done, wipe the slots dry or pop the Master Pan into the dishwasher for a clean. Ahem, you won’t have a sink full of dishes, thank you very much.

The shapes of the slots in the black pan are great for a range of food types, so you aren’t limited to breakfast foods. The rectangular center slot is great for grilling fish or meat, especially since it gets 15 to 20 percent hotter than the outside areas. As for the side sections, they fit pretty much any sliced vegetable. You’ll want to use the recessed circles for frying eggs or making those famous pancakes of yours.

We hope the Master Pan helps save breakfast from becoming extinct along with cereal, whether you’re a Millennial or not. Eat up.