Foosball Tricks: Snake Shot

Steps To Setting Up The Rollover (Snake) Shot

Setting up your rollover shot the correct way can increase your goal score percentage. To get started, place the ball against the table using your center 3 bar offensive man. Getting the set up right will require plenty of practice, so you can expect to lose many shots before perfecting your set ups.

Pinning the ball aerially is actually the most difficult of all foosball set ups.

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Bring the ball from the offensive man on the furthest bar and pass it to your middle man. As the ball passes over to the central man, tilt your man to allow the ball to hit your man’s toe and to consequently shoot the ball forward.

What you need to do next is to get around and on top of the ball and pin it on the table. You want to pin down the center of the ball in a way that half of the ball is on either side of the central man.

Techniques For Foosball Snake Performance

When the ball is pinned on the table, you want to practice how to push or pull the ball laterally while twisting your wrist upward at the same time. This will cause your center offensive man to twist anticlockwise and to shoot the ball into the goal. The objective is to shoot on each side to avoiding giving your opponent cues about your shot patterns.

Placing The Rollover Shot And Reading Your Opponent

Most foosball shots can only be performed in a single direction. However, the rollover shot can be placed in multiple directions including straight, pulling it or pushing it to either side of the goal.

The foosball goal is typically 5.8 widths greater than the ball, giving you 5 holes to place your shot. At the same time, your opponent has 2 men defending the goal, leaving you with 3 holes; the objective is to place the shot in one of the three holes.

Understanding your opponent’s defense strategy is very helpful in performing successful shots. Typically, your opponent will attempt to defend the third or middle hole given that it is easier to hit this hole. This defensive strategy is an attempt to force you to try to hit the first or fifth hole.

Another common defense strategy is to move the men back and forth in anticipation of your shots.As you can see, to overcome the defense you need to polish up on your sense of timing with regard to performing shots. The better you understand your opponent’s defense strategy, the more accurate you will be able to perform your snake/rollover shot.