Foosball Tricks: Bank Shot

f you are just getting started with foosball, a great yet simple technique to learn is the bank shot. Setting up this shot is easy and you do not have to worry about giving your opponents cues that may sabotage your shot. Read on to find how to perform the bank shot and catapult your game to the next level.

Understanding The Bank Shot

The foosball bank shot is essentially one of the more defensive foosball trick shots, taken when the ball bounces off the table’s wall at an angle that allows the player to shoot the ball into the goal. It is entirely possible to undertake this shot from both the defensive and offensive ends of the table.

Even then, you will find the shot to be stronger when performed from the defense because you can do it without your opponent reading your defense strategy. From the offensive end, the bank shot has an open set up that the opponent can easily identify and therefore anticipate your move.

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Mastering The Bank Shot Set Up

Setting up your shots should be a discreet affair; giving your opponent cues will certainly sabotage the success of your shots and in effect, your goal score percentage.

table foosball bank shot trick

As mentioned earlier, you are better off performing a bank shot from the defense given that it is more difficult for your opponent to recognize the set up. At the same time, shooting from the defense gives you a greater chance for scoring success than when the shots are performed from the offense.

This does not mean that shooting from the offensive does not have its role. In fact, an offensive shot can be performed as a surprise shot to leverage those situations where the opponent is not defending the closest post.

Techniques To Perform The Foosball Bank Shot

To improve your goal score percentage, learn how to quickly set up the bank shot. Another important tactic to boost your score percentage is learning your opponent’s defense strategy. To perform a successful shot from the offense, look to see that your opponent has not blocked the near post. In the absence of an obstacle, shoot squarely into the goal.