Foosball Tricks: Aerial Shot

What Is The Aerial Shot?

When asked about Foosball tricks that can make or break a game, the arial shot comes to mind. The aerial shot is an advanced kind of shot but this does not mean you cannot master this pro foosball technique. Here’s the down low-down on how to perform the aerial shot; don’t be surprised at how well this move can turn around your game for the better!

Being the advanced technique that it is, the aerial foosball shot is essentially one of the foosball tricks performed by the men on the defense. In this shot, the player raises the ball between two defensive foosball guys and pins it at the back of the 2 bar man. At this point, the 2 bar man is on a lateral position and is pushed to the table’s center in preparation for a shot. To perform the actual aerial shot, the player flips the foosball in the air, across the playing field and into the goal on the opposite side.

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Mastering The Aerial Shot – Set Up

Here’s the thing, setting up the aerial shot is no easy feat. In fact, the setup is more difficult than the actual technique of performing this shot! So, you will need to garner plenty of patience before you can position the ball effectively for this king of foosball tricks and before you can raise the ball off the ground and into the goal.

To get started in setting up the shot, you want to position the 2 defensive foosball guy in front of the 3 bar goalie guy while tilting both bars at a 35 to 40 degree angle. Then, pass the ball swiftly from the 3 bar goalie man to the back of the 2 bar defensive man.

You need to get the titling angle right and at this point powerfully twist your wrist to lift the ball off the ground. As the ball is airborne, you need to act fast to catch the ball between the two defence guys.

Spin your goalie bar in such a way that the foot of the goalie man shoots the ball behind the 2 bar man. The objective here is to shoot the ball strategically so that it does not roll away from the 2 bar man. If this technique is done correctly, the ball should sit in a small hole at the back of your man.

Placing The Aerial Shot And Reading The Defense

Aiming the ball is a technique of its own. When performing an aerial shot, the ball can be aimed laterally or dropped in front of the goal, allowing it to bounce into the goal. A rule of thumb is to ensure that the ball does not touch the tabletop, rails or the top side of the back of the goal because this will disqualify your shot.

Your goal scoring percentage will get better as you improve your ability to accurately read your opponent’s defense strategy. One important cue you need to look for in your opponent is whether their defensive men are ground-bound or if they are airborne.

If the defensive men are placed in an upside down position in order to block the shot, you want to shoot the ball in a way that it will get in front of the goal instead of trying to lift it off the ground. If the defensive men are on the ground in an upward position, a good strategy would be to lift the ball over the men’s head and shoot squarely into the goal. 

Sounds clever? You betcha, there is a reason this shot is amongst the top foosball tricks in a serious player’s arsenal!