Foosball Table Reviews

You are in the market shopping for a great foosball table for your man cave or perhaps one for the family gaming room.

Other than having a predetermined budget range, what particular features should you look out for? How do you tell a good quality foosball table from a phony one? What works for pro-players and what’s best for wanna-be pro players (maybe like you)?

Well, here’s the lowdown on buying a foosball table that you won’t have any regrets about; one that you, your buddies and the family will love playing with for hours on end.

A solidly constructed table

You are looking to buy a serious foosball table that will last for the long term and provide you with challenging play, not some flimsy kiddie table.

The best way to spot a serious table is from its construction. A good table needs to be nice and heavy, with an ideal weight of between 130 and 200 pounds or more. The cabinet or the side walls also need to be thick, preferably 1½inches thick.

Anything lighter or thinner than this may not be worthwhile in terms of durability and stability. The reason why the table needs to be thick and heavy is that it ensures stability during play. A foosball game can become a bit aggressive so a heavy table is necessary to avoid flipping over or shifting during a game.

Well-built foosball ‘men’

Those little men on the lines can mean the difference between a smooth play and a cumbersome one. Look out for a foosball table that comes with men whose toes are pointed and crosshatched. Avoid any table where the men have rounded, slippery toes.

Why are the toes such as big deal?

Pointed and crosshatched toes provide the best ball control compared to rounded toes. The perfect toes will allow you to maneuver the ball and take advanced shots easily.

You simply cannot do this well with guys who have these rounded slippery toes. In fact, the men with rounded toes do not have the capacity to the pass the ball back and forth on the same line and aren’t able to shoot bank shots accurately. Such advanced shots require a sharp pointed toe.

Counterbalanced Foosball Men

Not all foosball tables will have counterbalanced men; it’s mostly the more expensive or advanced tables that have this feature but it’s absolutely necessary if you are looking for a table that will provide challenging play.

What’s this counterbalance business about?

Counterbalanced means that the weight in the men’s head is equal to the weight in their toe. Without a counterbalance in the head, it can be annoyingly difficult to play a one on one game.

So, for a table that does not come with a counterbalance, you would have to constantly spin your men vertically upside down. This is because the weight in their toes, which is greater than the weight in their head, will cause the men to fall when they are placed at a horizontal angle. The heads will also will keep blocking any lifted shots.

The story is different and frankly much easier with the counterbalance. This feature allows you to spin your men horizontally. They will remain in that position without blocking any of your shots.

Quality of handles and legs

You will come across foosball tables with all sorts of handles including plastic, laminated and wooden handles. The wooden handles are ideal. In particular, go for those with an octagonal shape because these have a comfortable grip and allow stronger shots.

Plastic handles are too smooth and you are likely to hurt your hand when spinning due to the slipperiness. When it comes to the legs, you need to look out for a table with adjustable legs. The thing with adjustable legs is that they make it easy to level your table simply by moving the leg leveller appropriately. A levelled table ensures fair game all round.

Game Dynamics

Here’s the thing, a foosball table without a side ball return is not necessarily inferior.

But, most advanced have this feature. What’s really cool about side ball returns is that they keep the ball from falling off the table, you do not have to reach to the end of the table when you are playing alone and you can place your table against the wall so it won’t stand in the way.

Quality of foosballs

Many foosball table manufactures are notorious for their poor quality foosballs. If you are ordering your table online, it can be quite difficult to determine the quality of the foosballs until they are at your doorstep. Luckily, foosballs can be replaced easily and affordably if you do not get the right type.

But, if you have any way of checking out the quality before buying, you want to look out for the sticky types of foosballs. Also known as tacky foosballs, the men can pin down this type of ball easily. Avoid the glossy or plastic types of balls because they will make playing incredibly challenging for what it’s worth.

Just a side note, some professional or advanced players prefer slippery foosballs because these roll faster and make for a demanding game. But if you just want a table that everyone including the beginners can enjoy, go for the tacky balls.

Rated Foosball Tables in Detail

1. Warrior Professional Foosball Table

warrior professional foosball table review

Warrior Table Soccer is a top manufacturer of the popular foosball table. The Warrior Professional Football Table is a high caliber table made for the pro-player. Even with this great reputation, this is an affordable table that foosball fans can afford to have in their home, in a school or in youth programs.

This professional table is the only model manufactured by “Warrior Table Soccer”, allowing the manufacturer to completely focus on quality. The table comes with first-rate parts built for the American type of foosball, which tends to be fast paced compared to the European or Asia style of playing. Players commend it for the great game control and the advanced playing options offered.

The table boasts a solid construction that can handle the rough play that is typical of a foosball game. For a top-caliber product, the Warrior Professional Foosball table is quite easy to assemble.

The table is also built to keep the kids safe in case they get too close during a game; the safety guards on the rod offer ultimate protection. This table offers a combination of class, affordability and long-term durability.

2. Carrom 525 Signature Foosball Table

carrom foosball table review

The Carrom 525 signature foosball table has made a comeback and it is bigger and better.

Made from burr oak, this budget friendly table has all the features and markings of a professionally built foosball table. It is specifically built from high quality MDF to prevent the type of wrapping that is

typical of tables made from lower quality materials.The table not only offers a consistent play field, it also provides stability with its double-bolted legs, which can withstand any amount of ‘abuse’ from aggressive play.

Carrom comes with chrome bars and levers for additional support. Leg levers are adjustable ensuring that the play field is leveled and the dead zones that tamper with the game are eliminated to provide optimal ball roll consistency.High quality steel rods are an indication of a professionally made table.

The rods come with accurate rod bearings, which when combined, boost the response-speed, providing a challenging game. The rod-bearings are built with durability in mind and come in handy with their ability to self-lubricate. This table offers affordability, challenging game play and enhanced durability.

3. Hathaway Primo Soccer Table, Brown, 56-Inch

hathaway table foosball review

The Hathaway Primo Soccer Table is the highest quality table produced by its manufacturer. It is perfect for players of all ages including adults and teenagers; intermediate players will likely have the most fun with this as beginner players may find it harder to play with the one-goalie set up.

The overall sturdiness and high quality of the table lends it well to players with some foosball experience. In spite being a budget table, the Hathaway offers a very realist, pro-like feel.The table is upfront beautiful thanks to its glossy espresso finish. 

Its thick and solid cabinet construction makes for a strong table that can survive the rigor of a foosball game. The table’s chunky legs supported by connecting beams add an element of stability and strength to withstand the most aggressive of games.A good game needs a level playing field. This table provides a leveled playing surface supported from underneath the cabinet.

The counterbalanced guys, E-Z spin bearings and stainless steel rods add to the overall quality of the table. The table does not just look elegant; it plays flawlessly as well. This table offers a combination of style, challenging game play and stability.

4. Kick Legend Foosball Table, 55-Inch

foosball table review of the kick legend

The Legend Foosball Table the best-selling model from Kick’s collection. The 55-inch foosball table has a look of sophistication and grandeur with its swooping ebony legs that accent the table’s warm shade of chestnut.

The Legend table is a great choice for adults and teens; enjoy a family-friendly activity on this durable foosball table that achieves an excellent balance of field play with modern design.

It measures 55in L x 30in W x 34in H.Kick understands that good gameplay requires a level playing surface, so the Legend Foosball Table has sturdy leg levelers to provide exactly that. Get precise player control of the 11 blue and 11 red foosball men (two teams) with the 8 chrome-plated player rods, and choose between 1-goalie or 3-goalie options, depending on your preference.

Slide scoring is mounted on each end of the Kick Legend Foosball Table to help keep the game flowing smoothly, along with a convenient front ball return on each end of the table. The table comes with two foosball balls in a soccer style, which means that you get everything included that you need for a satisfying foosball game. 

Not that we would expect less from Kick’s founder, a 25-year foosball veteran, and the company’s team of industrial engineers.

Assembling the table is quick and easy, as you get with all Kick foosball tables. 

5. American legend

american legend manchester foosball table review

American Legend foosball tables are popular for their challenging play and overall quality of the table. Both novice and discerning professional players will appreciate the high quality features of the table.

This particular table boasts a solid cabinet construction that keeps it stable during the most rigorous of games.Being a classic foosball table, the American Legend espouses classic features for a classic American game.

Features include side ball return, balanced, weighted and contoured men, 3-man goalie bars and manual scoring beads. The 3-man goalie offers a relatively easy play suitable for beginners, compared to the more challenging one-man goalie.

It also comes with solid foosball rods featuring wooden handles and insulated holders for added comfort while playing.

This budget friendly table is made from high quality MDF that keeps it from wrapping and provides long-term durability.

Its cherry laminate finish makes for an attractive foosball table that can be proudly displayed in the family room.

So there you are…go for it and have fun with your perfectly selected foosball table!

Editor’s Pick: The Kick Legend Foosball Table, 55-Inch

foosball table review of the kick legend

Get a Load of the New Kid in Town!

This is the stuff of “Legends”! Get challenging and fun foosball action with the Kick Legend Foosball Table.

With its two teams of 11 blue and 11 red foosball men on 8 chrome-plated player rods, and 1-goalie or 3-goalie options, you get full-on gameplay that impresses even the most expert player.

Slide scoring and front ball return make for smooth action all game long.

We gave it a impressive 4.7 out of 5 for it’s great quality/price ratio.