Foosball Table Parts: Men

Why Your Players Are A Pretty Big Deal In Your Foosball Table Parts Arsenal

Players are some of the important Foosball Table parts that need replacing once in a while. Whether you call them ‘guys’ ‘players’ or ‘men’, foosball figures play an essential role in the game, especially when it comes to making advanced shots.

The best men must have certain features to ensure smooth, targeted shots. For starters, accurate ball control requires that the men have pointy instead of rounded toes.

Advanced shots such as the push kick shot, pull kick shot and rollover snake shot require men with pointed toes. A crosshatched design on the foot is also necessary to facilitate ball control.

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The Downside Of Using Traditional Guys

A major problem with traditional foosball men that come with rounded toes is that these types of toes inhibit proper passing of the ball to other players on the same rod. Using those men when having to replace Foosball table parts can increasingly undermine your capacity to shoot bank shots. The perfect bank shot requires hitting the ball offside at an acute angle but such an undertaking needs a sharp pointed toe.

Traditional foosball guys are screwed in place using nuts and screws. The disadvantage of this design is that the nuts and screws make the rod too weighty thereby hindering its movement. At the same time, the men can easily come off the rod due to wear and tear resulting from hard-hitting foosball games.

If you are looking around for tables, you might want to find a superior quality table in which the men are secured in place using a lightweight screw. How do foosball men’s toes differ?

How Do Foosball Men’s Toes Differ?

Regular foosball men come with unmistakably rounded toes and the gripping crosshatched design. The gripped crosshatched design is really crucial for ball control as it allows the men to catch, pass and pin the ball whenever necessary. Without the required grip, in fact, without adequate ball control, it is simply impossible to play at an advanced level.​

What About Counter-Balanced Men?

Having counterbalanced men means that each of the players’ head weight is the same as the toe weight. Most modern (not to mention pricier) tables come with counterbalanced men.

Generally, it is recommended to have counter-balanced men especially for ease of playing one-on-one games. Here’s the thing: if the weight in your men’s toes is heavier than that in the head, the men would not be able to remain at a horizontal position. In fact, you would need to twist the men completely vertically to keep them in an upright position—this would obviously not make for a pleasant game.

Another problem with not having counterbalanced men is that weightless heads will certainly come in the way of your shots. On the contrary, counterbalance allows you to keep your men on a horizontal position and will not block your path. You will also notice that counterbalanced players enable faster shots because of their heavier weight.​

Replacing Your Men: What’s The Cost?

Have you ever tried to play a foosball game with even a single broken man? Quite frustrating, isn’t it? If you want to constantly enjoy your games, you want to replace any broken players immediately.

If you only need to replace one or just a few men, it should not cost you much; most men will run you an average of $5. Obviously, the cost increases significantly if you have to replace all your men who could add up to 26 or 22 depending on the table’s design.


Given the significant cost of replacing foosball men, it is not advisable to buy a table without counter weighted men hoping that you will replace them later.

Just to wrap up, the design of your foosball men means everything for the quality of your games. Look out for tables that come with men with pointed toes and a gripped crosshatch design for easier ball control.

Counter-weighted men can also make or break your foosball games; to avoid the extra exorbitant costs for your Foosball table parts, ensure that the table you purchase already comes with counter-balanced players.​

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