You Saw The Foldable Saw Here First

The foldable trend is going strong. Samsung will soon feature a foldable screen on its Galaxy X and rumor has it that more mobile devices will have similar flexible designs over the next few years. There are folding scooters, bikes, furniture and… now there’s even a foldable saw. With everyone wanting to conserve space, we have a feeling this saw is going to be a mega-hit soon.

The Filzer Buckster Bow Saw BBS-1 collapses compactly into a circular tube (19in x 1.4in), making it one heck of a unique and useful tool to add to your man cave collection. It not only has the functionality you would look for in a saw, with its ability to cut logs up to 13in in diameter, but it also folds up to save space.

The frame around the saw blade is completely made of aluminum and has a stainless steel tensioning system, which gives the saw durability as well as making it lightweight. It’s only 1.3lbs! The foldable saw even has a rubber insulating handle to make it easier to work and carry it as your projects demand.

When it is compact, the blade of the Buckster Bow Saw stores safely inside the tube. This feature should help ease your worries if you have kids around. We like the foldability trend for conserving space when you’re in a smaller lair. You don’t have to sacrifice the power of awesome tools, which makes everyone, including Tim The Toolman Taylor, happy. Besides, your drill is feeling lonely.

Spare blades are available for this Filzer folding saw that reminds us a bit of the shape of a high jump bar. Now excuse us while we jump at the chance to have more tools in our man cave without the wife every noticing the compact tube that the Buckster Bow Saw transforms into – Hey, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right? Besides, we need a new saw for our next DIY project!

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  1. Great idea, for anyone who has spend time in the back country like I have the saw, axe and rifle are essential. Wish the idea had been around back then.

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