Now THIS Is A Manly Workout

Do you ever get on the elliptical machine and somehow feel less of a man? Us too. It’s just not a very manly workout. Thankfully the MostFit Core Hammer comes to the rescue for our workout needs. It’s a fitness sledgehammer that is way safer than the alternative exercise of whacking a tire with a real sledgehammer.

The innovative design removes the need for a bulky tractor tire, and you still get all the fitness benefits of a regular sledgehammer workout. In case you’re not familiar with this type of exercise, you’ll want to get in on it because not only is it badass but it also can bulk up your forearms, shoulders, and back if you consistently keep at it. You’ll develop impressive core strength too.

You’ll also get addicted to the explosive power movements of the MostFit Core Hammer. Having a bad day? Just want to retreat to the man cave? Well, first you should get out your frustrations with the fitness sledgehammer that gets you into ripped shape. Talk about double duty. You’ll also find that the muscles and ligaments in your wrists and elbows will strengthen over time.

Here is an exercise you can do with the fitness sledgehammer:

Now this is a full body workout we can get behind. And you won’t have to use a dangerous sledgehammer or magically acquire a bulky tractor tire. Plus, you can hammer the ground without worrying about damaging the surface (or yourself) the way that you would with a real sledge. Instead, the workout is fun, manly, and gives you the intense workout that you’ve been craving.

Use it at the gym, your lair, or the back yard. Head to the front yard with your fitness sledgehammer when you want to win over the ladies in the neighborhood. With the MostFit Core Hammer, your training program is going to be slamming (pun intended).