This Fire Starter is So Hot That It’s Uber Cool

When the only thing that will save you is a fire, reach for Uberfire. It kicks the ass of all traditional fire-starting methods we’ve seen – and that’s saying something. This small tin holds combustible materials that help you start a fire with any type of timber around, even if it’s soaking wet.

When lighters and matches can’t start the fire that you need, and your life depends on getting the flames going, you might worry that you’re about to bite the dust. But that would only be the case if you didn’t have Uberfire. Use this awesome product to get steady, fierce heat to dry out wet timber close by so you can get the fire that you require. And if you fan it, the wicked flame just burns hotter.

Easily portable in just a two-ounce can, Uberfire starts with just a single spark and will stay lit for 20-30 minutes. It can be lit more than once too if you just use it partially. When you open the tin, you will see its hydrophobic ingredients. Hydrophobic sounds like a nasty disease but it just means it won’t absorb water. So, even if it gets drenched, you can just remove any standing water and, voila, it’s ready to use.

Include it in the survival kit you stash in the man cave or include it with your Special Forces, Military or Federal Agency equipment. You’ll also appreciate it after your SERE training, if you are a pilot, or for anyone who loves being outdoors.

If you get in an emergency situation where you need a fire, you could (a) count away your last minutes in life, (b) soil your pants, or (c) use the Uberfire fire starter. Yup, we’re all about the last option too. Thanks to Dale Fruit of TOPS Knives for creating the life-saving Uberfire. We’re uber happy as we sing the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive.” Don’t worry… We’ll work on our dance moves at some point.