Finding Dory Just Keeps Swimming & So Will The Powerbreather Wave

Finding Dory, the computer-animated sequel to Finding Nemo, is making waves as it heads into 3D at theaters in just two days! The adorable blue tang fish called Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) told us to “just keep swimming” in the original movie, and now you’ve got to abide by her motivational request. Good thing you’ll have the Ameo¬†Powerbreather Wave Snorkel to help improve your underwater technique, endurance, and more.

The innovative snorkeling device is great for swimmers of any experience level, snorkelers, and triathletes. It is a useful aid when training for endurance or to strengthen respiratory muscles. Just ask Jan Frodeno, the 2015 Ironman World and European Champion, who has been training with the Powerbreather since 2014.

So, what makes the Powerbreather Wave Edition different than other snorkels? It is 100 percent pure oxygen, taking fresh air from the top while you breathe out from the bottom. In comparison, traditional snorkels use a combination of Co2. Plus, the tube does not bring in any water, only air, so you won’t have to stop periodically to clear water from the tubes.

Easily breathe in and out with an effective two-tube system. There are no more worries about sucking in salt or chlorine water when you breathe deeply. Now that’s reason to celebrate!

The Powerbreather Wave Snorkel will take you from open water to the ocean or the pool. It will also be your trusty sidekick as you learn to swim or practice for a pro-level race (just watch out for the buoys). The Wave comes with a ton of accessories, including two standard speed vents, two flip caps for when you flip turn or are on open water, and two extended speed vents for when you’re out on open water.

The snorkel gear even comes in a case, so you can just store the case in the man cave for the next swimming outing and then take it with you. Well, unless Dory is already using it… Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.