Embrace Your (Drunken) Mad Scientist Side

And then there was chemistry. You know, that subject in high school that seemed really cool at first but had way too many elements to memorize. Skip the periodic table and let’s get to the good stuff – making cocktails like you’re in a chem lab!

It’s the Chemist’s Cocktail Kit and it’s a hell of a lot cock-ier than your friends on their best day. Give them something to ooh and ahh about that doesn’t involve a Playboy mag. It’s time to bring out this cocktail kit to mix up drinks in ways that draw the crowd at your next guy’s night or a party in your man cave bar.

The mad scientist in you comes alive and, well, gets drunk, as you down some of the alcoholic concoctions you make here. The set comes with 6 test tubes, which you can stand in its powder-coated steel rack, and a flask for rum, whiskey or another of the manliest liquids of choice. A stainless steel shaker and glass stirring rod come with the chemistry cocktail set too, so you can fully mix up the liquid blessings. Shaken or stirred, 007?

Step out of the classroom and into the world of hard liquor and secret cocktail recipes. Be the creative genius that no one else saw you to be… yet. Soon your buds will discover your hidden talent for creating cocktails better than any chemistry experiment they saw before. Science just got a drunken edge, and we’re not complaining at all.