Eat. Sleep. Peel The Wall. Repeat.

Add something new to your routine. You’ll eat and sleep still, of course, but now your playtime can include peeling the wall. Say what now?!

This Peel Wall Light from YOY is off the chain. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to light up a room, I’ll give you that much.

It’s a lamp that fits into the corner of your room. It looks like your wallpaper is peeling back to expose a light behind it.

In reality, what your bros won’t see (if you let them come visit your man cave) is that the cable is tucked into the corner. The thin light is intriguing, made of OLED and PMMA. It’s like a magic trick for the wall!

Mount it to your wall easily with a bracket. It’s easier to mount than that drunk chick at the party last month who you offered $10 to see what she could do for that prize. Note: Get to the bank machine soon.

Aside from the visual illusion though, this is a practical light source. This wall lamp is a Japanese original. Second note: Get sushi for dinner.

Are you interested in other illusions for your man cave? If so, this Can You Imagine Melting Clock might just tick-le your fancy. It is artwork that looks like a timepiece. If you put the clock on a shelf, it looks as though it’s melting right off of that surface. Time really is fluid.

Your buds will wonder if it is a clock or a piece of art. Third note: Get Jim shitfaced again and then show him the clock. It’ll be almost as funny as when he went streaking through the neighborhood. Third note: Get over to Ms. Busybody’s house next door to apologize for Jim’s naked ass.

Does it seem as though nothing is what it seems? Bwahaha, we are on step one in our quest to take over the world. We may call on the eloquent Vladimir Putin to help us (once he finishes taking down some guys on the Judo sparring floor).