Easter gift ideas for your teenage girlfriend

Easter gift for your girlfriend under $100

She loves magic, from Harry Potter to unicorns. If this sounds like your sweetheart, then the DIY Unicorn Terrarium Kit will be a great Easter gift. It appeals to her whimsical side and is a fun project that will keep her busy while you’re enjoying gaming time in the man cave later (wink wink). She’ll get a kick out of the mossy glass world that features a prancing unicorn. And you can bet her BFF won’t be getting as unique a gift from her guy. 

‚ÄčAnother fun idea? Fill an Easter basket up with little things your hunny bunny will like, from a Pez dispenser to an iPhone cover, a beach towel, and a poster of One Direction. The possibilities are endless. When you give her the present, tell her about your adventures finding the items and how each one relates to her. The best gifts for women are thoughtful and sweet, just like you (on the days when you behave). 

Easter gift for your girlfriend under $500

Easter eggs are synonymous with this gift-giving occasion, and you want to take it up a notch. Let the other guys in the world give their women plastic eggs while you go the extra mile with a Blue Latticino Murano Egg from One Kings Lane. It is handblown and features pastel-colored ribbons and streamers within the sparkling glass. It comes from Murano, Italy, and she will think you just dropped from heaven, especially if she loves vintage-style items.

Another option is to fill an Easter basket with new Pandora charms for your other half. She will say “so cute” when she sees ‚Äčthe Pandora Remarkable Rabbit charm. Other great choices for charms for Easter include hearts, flowers, and bows.

Easter gift for your girlfriend under $1000

A Faberge egg is a jeweled egg that is considered one of the most exquisite Easter treasures. The first imperial egg made by Peter Carl Faberge and his team over 100 years ago. Gift her a Faberge pearl egg with pearls and diamonds, with price available when you give your order.

You know if the price isn’t mentioned anywhere on the site that you’re going to have to sit down for this one. But your girlfriend is well worth the expense and her love is priceless. Faberge also offers beautiful jewelry, from watches to rings, if they tickle your fancy (and fit your budget).

Another option is a Herend bunny that is hand-painted and powder blue. Herrend bunny figurines are some of the most sought after and you’re not going to give her anything less than the best. Perhaps one day if you two buy a house then the bunny will sit in your shared bedroom. That or you can later sell it on eBay and make a killing. Note: no bunny died in the making of this Easter present.