Easter gift ideas for a girlfriend in her thirties

Gift ideas under $100

For the female who is a caffeine freak, the KRUPS GX4100 Coffee Grinder is a handy little present. This model matches the other stainless steel appliances your girlfriend owns and has a 3-ounce bean capacity, which means it can grind up to 15 cups of java at a time.

An extra benefit is that it can also grind herbs and spices. Just a thought: maybe a jolt of coffee in the Easter Bunny’s system is what gives him the energy to hop around town delivering eggs year after year?

If you are looking for a more festive present for your other half, you could try a grown-up style of the Easter basket that you remember getting as a kit. It’s a bit of DIY for you, starting with adding ribbons to a basic basket you can pick up at Walgreens.

Fill it with different candies that only come out this time of year, like marshmallow Peeps and chocolate Easter Bunnies, as well as a bottle of wine or her favorite coolers to make it more adult-centric. Add wine glasses filled with colorful jelly beans to finish off the basket.

Gift ideas under $500

For the next Easter you spend with your sweetie, she may not be expecting anything other than chocolates. Aha, now is your time to impress her with a special gift! Buy a card for the occasion and put a gift certificate in it. Choose a voucher for a place that is sure to pamper her, such as:

  1. Hairdresser
  2. Day spa
  3. Manicurist

When your better half returns home from the relaxing appointment, have a picture frame waiting for her that has a recent photo of the two of you in it. Put the photo gift on the mantle or coffee table and give her time to find it naturally; she will be truly surprised – in a good way!

If your image isn’t great quality but you want to frame it, there are free photo editors online, such as Pixlr, to help improve it. Pixlr is like a free version of Photoshop, and you can use its simple features right from your browser, without the need for a software download.

Gift ideas under $1000

For the fashionista, a gold bracelet from chic designer Stella McCartney is sure to please. The Coated Jeweled Cuff is sweet, featuring a range of cheerful yellow stones across. The yellow jewels pop against the black brass bracelet, and your gal will love how you took Easter to a whole new level.

You can also elevate your girlfriend’s idea of chocolates as presents by ordering custom chocolate by Compartes. Include personalized messages for her or get her initials put on the sweet treats. Email custom@compartes.com to request the design you want on the boxed truffles for your lovely lady’s Easter gift.

If you want a creative way to wrap the gift, whichever one you choose, simply tie a pretty woman’s scarf around it. Go furoshiki style! Here is how to do exactly that in picture form.