Donate Plasma? Nah, Get This Instead

Did you make a plasma donation to the local medical center lately? No? No kidding, us neither.

It’s okay, bro, you can make up for it now. No, still not up for it? What’s that, you have a hangover? No kidding, us too. Hmm, you can do your part instead by picking up this Plasma Night Light for your man cave instead.

It’ll light up your life more than that chick ever did. Although you wouldn’t mind putting your bulb into her socket again if the opportunity ever chose to present itself again. By “opportunity,” we mean if she ever raises her top again while sitting on your lap on the chair. We’ll excuse you for a moment or two as you drift off into a sex fantasy again.

In the meantime, this is another great piece to check out. It’s not of the female variety, but it’s vivid for sure. We would even say “out of sight” but that would defeat its purpose. It plugs into any standard 120-Volt power outlet and radiates with swirls of colored light. Trippy. Yup, agreed.

The base of the plasma night light swivels for horizontal and vertical outlets. Much like that chick did too, by the way. Damn, maybe next time you’ll be sober enough to remember her first name next time.

This is one light show that you won’t soon forget. Stumbling around in the dark? Nah, we’re so past that now.