DIY Your Own Open Source Drone

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to put together your own drone. But Flexbot makes it happen with the Quadcopter Kit.

The DIY copter kit is a great project for when your gal tells you to get out of the man cave cause you haven’t moved in two days, or your teens are nagging you again for something to do.  The open source drone comes unassembled so you can figure out exactly what powers it as you put it together. In the kit is a comic book that explains the stories and knowledge behind Flexbot.

This bad boy is open source too so it will inspire the hacker in you (or at least the legal version). Make it go slower or act differently in any way you want with simple or complex codes. The electronics and designs are freely available in the collaborative community. It’s kinda like Lego – you’re only limited by your imagination (well look at us getting all whimsical).

You can even print off custom shells for the Flexbot DIY drone by downloading the 3D files in the Quadcopter Kit. Make the drone exactly how you want it to look!

This awesome drone even includes a camera on it so you can take pics as it launches and flies through the air. Later you can admire the birds and elevated views as you watch back the footage in high 650 x 480 resolution. It also comes with a 350mAh battery that gives you about a 7-minute flight path and rivals the Bionic Bird we recently spotlighted.

As for how you fly it, simply use an app on your tablet or smartphone. Get behind the controls as you test out the Flexbot drone in your backyard (heads up, neighbors!). The app is simple; just use your touchscreen to change directions and speed. The app works on Android or iOS mobile devices.

Okay, the geek in us is calling out for some coding fun now and, yes, we really do have fun doing it. Catch you on the tech side.

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