Customize Your iPhone With Sugru, The World’s First Mouldable Glue

So, you like your iPhone. You open Siri in the morning, and she’s a loyal companion. Your friends know you freak out if it’s not on you at all times in the man cave. You think the iPhone is the best thing ever (well, aside from pepperoni pizza and Game of Thrones). We get it. But, wait, here’s a way to make your Apple device even cooler.

Is it too good to be true? Nope, it’s Sugru.

Sugru is the first mouldable glue, and we’re stuck on the awesome idea. The flexible compound is designed to stick to all sorts of materials, so after you’re done applying it to your iPhone, then you can use around the rest of your crib.

It feels like modeling clay when you remove it from its small pack, but once you exposed to air, the consistency becomes like silicone rubber. Soft to the touch, you can apply it to your iPhone as protective “shock bumpers,” like in the photo above. This way, little accidents like dropping your phone don’t become major catastrophes. Just roll, twist, and stick the material to the corners of your phone; within 24 hours the material sets and you have bouncy rubber bumpers.

Or, add a ring light or camera lens adapter to your iPhone using Sugru. Want a new iPhone case? Create one easily out of the stretchy material and then design it before it cures by imprinting a cool design like your Western belt buckle on the material. If you already have a case, but it broke on the corner, just add a new corner yourself with Sugru.

Now you see why Sugru’s slogan is “fix that thing,” right? You can also use it around your den to repair flexible things like the fraying cable on your laptop. Or, use it to fill chips in ceramics, fix gaps in your wood floor, or give extra support to your mic boom on your gaming headset.

Here are more ideas of how Sugru help things last longer and work better:

Sugru bonds strongly to aluminum, glass, ceramics, steel, and some plastics. Did we mention it’s waterproof? You can even put it in the dishwasher once it’s cured, which takes about a day.

You can get this funky item in small packs, in different colors. We like the classic black and white pack ourselves, but you might like the red, blue, and yellow options. For small repair tasks and decking out your iPhone, we think you’ll find Sugru sticks out from the competition as an awesome solution.