Couple anniversary gift ideas for your teenage girlfriend

Anniversary gift for your girlfriend under $100

Flowers are always a welcome choice for anniversaries, whether you have been together one month, six months, or longer. But your other half is well worth doing something more creative than the standard bouquet of roses. Instead, why not get her a Red 24k Gold Rose? It is a real living rose dipped in gold! It will last forever, unlike a regular bouquet that has a lifespan of about a week, and comes in a gift box so you can give it right to your special lady. A beautiful rose for the love of your life!

Another great idea for under $100 is a Custom Photo Necklace. Pick a great photo of the two of you and order this oval pendant through Etsy. The keepsake will be dear to her heart, and she will think of you every time she wears it. ‚ÄčThis one even comes in a gift box already so you won’t have to worry about how to wrap it.

A chain comes with with the pretty pendant. The three styles to choose from are 24inch rolo, 24inch ball, or 18inch snake chain. Not sure of the differences? The ball chain has beads fixed along it with a distance between each bead, while the rolo style has round connecting links. The snake chain, also known as the Brazilian chain, has round, waxy, plate-looking links that look kinda like a smooth snake.

Anniversary gift for your girlfriend under $500

Rent a cabin away from where you live. Preferably it will be nestled in the woods, where you will be the strong man who protects her from any bears or other wild animals in the area. The getaway location might also be by the lake, where you can walk hand in hand after spending a cozy morning in bed. Rent the cabin for the entire weekend and assure her parents that she is in capable hands. No need to tell them about the horny factor.

Great places to look for cabin rentals include TripAdvisor and Airbnb. To make sure this getaway goes off without a hitch, be sure to ask these questions before renting the cabin:

  1. Can you get to it from the main road? As not all cabins are easily available, you want to make sure your vehicle can make the trek and what you’re in for along the ride.
  2. Ask the owner for alternative routes to get there so that you avoid the busy get-out-of-town-for-the-weekend traffic.
  3. Inquire what are the included amenities so that you know what to expect. Specifically, ask about bedding, towels, air conditioning, and what items are included in the kitchen.
  4. Is it pet-friendly?
  5. Find out beforehand where are the nearest stores (grocery and hooch) just in case you run out while you’re away.

Anniversary gift for your girlfriend under $1000

Treat her to a shopping spree! Your girlfriend loves to shop, and now she can do it all afternoon, or at least until you reach your budget. This anniversary gift will blow her mind and her friends will be jealous of her special day. Really though you’re just saying thank you for how special she is to you. 

Take your sweetie to her favorite stores or a shopping mall that you know she likes going to regularly. Tell her you’ll walk with her from one end of the store or mall to the other and baby can have what baby wants. See her eyes glaze over momentarily as your words sink into her brain.

Recommendations for you to make this anniversary gift go smoothly: 

  • Wear comfy shoes as you will have quite the walk as you complete the shop with her
  • Offer to bring her best friend along, who can help her choose items that look great
  • Bring a big bag with a bottle of water to hydrate her and a camera to document the fun day. Offer to put her purse and coat in the bag too so that she won’t have to worry about carrying them