Couple Anniversary gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties

Gift ideas under $100

Just because you don’t have a lot of money doesn’t mean you can’t give the lovely lady o’ yours something incredible on the shared anniversary. A prime example is the His/Her Split Heart Keychain. For under $20, you can get each of your first names engraved on a side of the heart along with the day of the anniversary. Each of you keeps a half as a reminder of your loving bond.

Another idea is to plan out the important day in advance with fun, low-cost ideas. During the day, you could go for a walk, hand in hand, along the water or a local trail. Then, at night, make her dinner at home with special ingredients. After the meal, plan some intimate time together. Don’t overeat at dinner as having heartburn while in bed with your lady is not exactly a fun time.

Want to get even more creative? Blow up a balloon for each month or year you and your GF or wife have been together. Put a handwritten note into every balloon, writing special qualities of your partner on each piece of paper. Tell her to pop the balloons and watch her smile grow as she reads each of the tender notes.

Gift ideas under $500

Here’s a gift that takes some planning but is well worth the kisses that will come your way. It is a month-long present, based on the premise that she will receive a new present on a certain day of the week throughout the month. Ideally, it will be the same day of the week as the anniversary date. Each present will be romantic, and your special woman will delight in getting a bunch of them! Examples of unique presents are:

  • A custom photo jigsaw puzzle. Choose a great photo of the two of you. When she’s put together the jigsaw, which can be made by an online company like PrinterStudio, it can be preserved with gloss and put into a frame to display on the wall.
  • Get a sketch made of you two through an affordable service like Fiverr. Simply submit the original photo that you want the sketch to be based from and select what type of choice you want, from pencil design to watercolor. 
  • A zodiac necklace would look amazing around your girlfriend’s neck if she’s one of those ladies who checks her daily horoscope religiously. A sterling silver, gold plated, or 14k gold necklace all make great presents, depending how much you want to spend (silver is typically the cheapest of the three, while 14k gold is on the expensive end).
  • A book based on her favorite hobby would be very useful! Perhaps she loves to knit and a tutorial book can help her. Show you know her interests and appreciate how she chooses to spend her time.

Gift ideas under $1000

Step up your game with the gift of these sparkling 14k white gold diamond solitaire earrings. The beautiful studs feature a cluster of round-cut diamonds in pronged settings. They will look amazing on her, and she will be trying to get a peek of herself in window reflections throughout the night as you take her out to celebrate the happy occasion. 

In terms of where you take her as she shows off her new bling, there are many choices, depending on her interests, such as:

  1. Night out dancing at a jazz club
  2. Evening at the opera
  3. Couples portrait session
  4. The swankiest restaurant in town (book your reservation a few months in advance and double-check it two weeks before the anniversary evening to make sure it’s still a go)
  5. Ballroom dance lesson

When you return home from the special evening, have a sexy package awaiting her that features something new to do in the bedroom. Massage oils are a great way to bring extra romance to the end of the day. Note: Never apply the oil directly to her body but instead place it liberally on your hands, rub them together, and then start massaging her.