Couple anniversary gift ideas for a girlfriend in her thirties

Gift ideas under $100

It’s not that you don’t want to spend more than the $100 present limit on your shared anniversary but instead that you are strapped for cash due to other commitments, like a mortgage or car. So, here are inexpensive gift ideas for the woman who means so much to you, even on a budget:

  1. Cook her dinner. A roast chicken dinner will impress the heck out of her and make her think you’re as hunky at chef Bobby Flay in the kitchen. It’s a simple recipe when you follow the directions at Food52.
  2. Take the lady who has your heart back to the place where you first met her, had your first date, or shared your first kiss. Stroll through memory lane as you walk through the place where a significant milestone in your relationship happened.
  3. Start her day out right with a special note on the windshield of her car. It might be a sweet message written about her, with some hearts drawn on it. She will like showing off the gift to her coworkers, especially when she finds a beautiful bouquet of flowers on her desk when she arrives at work too.

Gift ideas under $500

Helicopter rides for two are a special anniversary gift idea. The perfect equation for romantics at heart is a private tour of the waterway near where you live together. Admire the city below, particularly if you choose a sunset flight as your girlfriend’s present.

Whatever flight you decide to surprise her with, you’ll need to book it ahead of time and bear in mind it will depend on weather conditions. A helicopter excursion is exciting and luxurious! Remember to bring a camera and extra batteries to capture the breathtaking sights and remember to ask someone to snap a pic of the two of you on this special occasion.

But, of course, you will need to know in advance if the woman you love is comfortable with heights. If you’re not sure, ask her parents or best gal pal. If you want to get her something sophisticated but aren’t sure if the flying experience is really for her, opt instead for a 14k White Gold Infinity Ring that has a sparkling high polish finish and gorgeous design. The message of this stunning gift is that you will cherish her always.

Gift ideas under $1000

Mark the anniversary of when you started dating or got married with a very special present: A trip to Paris for two! This city is one of the most romantic places on Earth, and it’s about time you two got some extra cuddle time. Rather than just handing her the tickets, wrap them up in a t-shirt that says “Paris is always a good idea,” and then watch her face light up!

Want to get a good flight deal? Of course! Here are some tips:

  • Travel on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. They are the cheapest days of the week
  • The first a.m. flights and cheaper than later times in the day
  • Sign up for fare alerts from AirFareWatchDog. They will send you notice of the latest deals from your nearest airport.

Oh and if you want to save money on transportation while you’re in Paris, skip the cab ride and hop on the more affordable metro instead. Select English as your language on the automatic ticket machines and they will walk you through the purchase stages.