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Cool Finds

Cool Finds

Inspiration comes and goes. So do great findings on the web. This is our pin board for the awesome, incredible and original ideas we think belong with the man cave!
Exercise Equipment from iGrip

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Start smiling. You're about to get ripped without even entering a gym.
Funny Doormat Cool Find

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Is it too much to ask for a warrant?
Walking Dead Shelf Sitters for Man Cave

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Evil never looked so cool.
Flask-Shaped Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

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Big sound. Manly look. Your perfect accessory.
Star Wars Lightsaber Fork and Other Utensils

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Galaxy goodness for your next meal.
Shape Hard Boiled Eggs to Eat

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Mom was wrong. Play (sports) with your food.
S-Shaped Shower Seat

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Comfy and wet. TWo of your favourite things.
Beer Glass Al Bundy Approved

0 2004
Picture Al Bundy upside down. Well, sort of.
Man Cave Neon Pacman Sign

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Eat balls and power up. Wait a minute...
Night Light Plasma Man Cave

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Trippy. Get all the plasma, without the blood.