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Cool Finds

Cool Finds

Inspiration comes and goes. So do great findings on the web. This is our pin board for the awesome, incredible and original ideas we think belong with the man cave!
Fitness Sledgehammer for Manly Workout

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All of the athletic benefits of a sledgehammer workout without all the danger. Like.
Tactical Earbuds for Workouts

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Your workouts will never be the same. And we mean that in a good way.
Pizza Ultimate Frisbee Disc

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For anyone who likes things that are out of the (pizza) box.
Mini Mobile Projector for Man Cave

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A wireless home theatre that fits into the palm of your hand.
LED Wall Clock for Man Cave

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It's sleek and modern (two words it wouldn't hurt to hear your girlfriend use to describe you).
Neon Glasses for Men

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Gals aren't the only ones who can make a flashy fashion statement.
Loominoodle Lighting Solution

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Get lit. Legally.
Cardboard Stool for the Man Cave

0 1912
This one is stronger than it looks. Like a few peeps we know.
Darth Vader Wall Light for Man Cave

0 1903
Take the dark side to the light side.
back trimmer

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What's a bear of a guy to do? We'll tell you.