Christmas gift ideas for your teenage girlfriend

Christmas gift for your teenage girlfriend under $100

Even if you are short on cash or have made a pact with your girlfriend not to spend money on each other this Christmas, you can still get her a creative, one-of-a-kind present. We’re talking about writing her a love letter.

Don’t worry about being Shakespeare; as long as it comes from the heart, she will adore it (and you). Here are tips for crafting an amazing love letter for her:

  1. Go to a quiet place. Avoid distractions like TV and Minecraft or you will wind up including words like “pickaxe” and “hoe” in the letter and no good can come of that.
  2. Use real paper! Sorry, email just isn’t as romantic. Your special gal deserves better.
  3. Be honest. Don’t hide behind your emotions or she will get to the end of the letter and go, “Yeah, so?” Also, don’t pull a Geoffrey Chaucer and go all medieval on her with words like “o’er,” “methinks,” and “need’st.” Write the same way you would talk and then she can relate to your words.
  4. Double check your spelling. Your honey might wind up reading this romantic letter over and over again so be sure you do not have any spelling errors. Make sure you wrote it neat enough too so that she can read it clearly.

Christmas gift for your teenage girlfriend under $500

Let’s face it; she adores you, but she has another love… Her iPhone! So, one of the best Christmas gifts for girlfriend is an iTunes gift card. She’ll be able to listen to her precious Taylor Swift or another fave singer for hours, and you can enjoy being elsewhere (think the tool shed or anywhere else on Earth).

The $50 amount is respectable, and she can stock up on apps, books, TV shows, and more in addition to enjoying listening to Taylor. IN ADDITION to the gift card, get her a ton of other cool iPhone accessories, including:

  • Botanical iPhone Charger – This chic portable charger fits perfectly into her purse, and she will never complain again about losing her charger.
  • iPhone Case with Flip-Out Keyboard – She’ll love typing on the built-in keyboard, and you will receive a lot of sweet texts with smiling emojis.
  • Vestalife Ladybug II iPod and iPhone Speaker Dock – So girlie with its red and black design shaped like a ladybug that delivers big-time on the bass with its digital amp and built-in subwoofer.

Christmas gift for your teenage girlfriend under $1000

Sign your beautiful woman up for a shoe of the month club and watch her scream at the top of her lungs when you tell her about this present. She will be head over heels (groan, we are punny sometimes, aren’t we?).

While there are loads of shoe clubs online, the JustFab club has a good rating and offers trendy styles that are great for the younger crowd. As per reviewers, this club is great value for the nice shoes, which arrive typically within four days and are packaged in an attractive shoebox.

She’ll get a new shoe every month – and you’ll get the kisses that follow their arrival. Shipping is free to the contiguous United States. Plus, there are exclusives every month, sometimes from big designers. She can get purses and jewelry there too, unlike with some other shoe clubs that restrict gals to shoes alone.

And, as a great addition to the shoe club present for one whole year, you can treat her to a professional foot pedicure session. Get the gift certificate for a local spa before Christmas so that you can gift it to her with the details on the shoe club attached. Her feet will be pampered and look great in the new shoes that soon will arrive for her!​