Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties

Gift ideas under $100

For many women, romantic movies are a guilty pleasure. Surprise her this Christmas with a 4-pack of Nicholas Sparks movies, which are well known for being tearjerkers.

The love of your life will adore you for providing her with hours of sappy movie time as she watches The NotebookMessage in a BottleA Walk to Remember, and Nights in Rodanthe. The gift set may also provide great opportunities for you to cuddle beside her under a warm blanket and get a few smooches while you’re there.

Another winning gift idea for the love of your life is jewelry. Any girlfriend will adore some new bling, including this one that is perfect for wintertime. It’s the Love Bangle with frosted Winter finish. The word “love” scrolls in different fonts across the bracelet in red or black, with a frosty finish that gives it a delicate look. It’s an easy one-size-fits-all style and is handmade, so no two are identical.

The third idea for girlfriend’s present is to take a quote about love or one that is significant to your relationship and get it printed and framed affordably through Etsy. You get a gold star for thoughtfulness.

Gift ideas under $500

As you have a decent sized budget for Xmas, you can afford to give the woman in your life a nice piece of jewelry. If she has hinted about a certain type of item lately, like a necklace, then you already know what to get. But if not, then you have a bit of legwork to do to ensure you get the necklace or other bling that suits her tastes. Let’s assume it’s a necklace you want to gift her for the holidays. Here are three tips for choosing the perfect necklace:

  1. Pick the chain. Take note of what kind of chains she wears; sterling silver and gold are the most popular choices for necklaces. If she has allergies, you will likely want to choose hypoallergenic. Also, get a chain that is adjustable so that she can wear it longer or shorter as she pleases.
  2. Pick the pendant. Select a pendant in her favorite color and shape. If you’re not sure what this is, sneak a peek into her jewelry box and replicate what you see there. Also, notice if the style of the pieces in her collection are simple or ornate to determine what she likes wearing.
  3. Get assistance. If you really can’t decide what necklace to buy, ask her best friend or parents for help. They can guide you to a store she loves or give you an idea of the kind of pendant she would adore this Christmas.

Want to go the extra mile? Get her a Jewelry Tree for her to hang the necklace and other pieces she already owns. Your gal will love being able to hang her bling to not only organize it but also show it off to her besties. You can even make something for her to hang her jewelry on if you want a DIY project. Here are some inventive ideas.

Gift ideas under $1000

Splurge on a lovely ring for your sweetheart. Whether you are proposing marriage or want your girlfriend to be adorned with the best jewelry available, surprise her with a gorgeous 1.4 Carat 14k White Gold Twisting Infinity Ring with 1 carat diamond. Choose from a range of gems for this particular style, from ruby to pink-sapphire.

Choose the birthstone associated with the month she was born. For example, Emerald is for the month of May. If you need a refresher guide on gemstones and months, this page from American Gem Society can help you.

Another idea is to present her with a gift card for A few weeks after the holidays have passed, your woman will want some peace and quiet, so this present will sure come in handy. She can pick out the ideal B&B by looking at the site’s photos and descriptions. Book a weekend getaway in the U.S. or Canada for the two of you and have some romantic time together.