Buoy Will You Appreciate A Woman’s Ass Now

It’s not every day that you get to see something kick-ass in the water. Literally.

Say what? Say yes to the Butt Buoys Novelty Boat Marker Buoy. It’s certainly an attention-grabbing buoy! Your boat will have an inspiring sidekick that reminds you of the good ol’ days when you were a young boy discovering lady bumps.

The cheeky PVC anchor marker is designed to look like an inverted woman’s ass – talk about inspired. As it bobs above the water’s surface, you might find yourself wishing you could cozy up to that in real life. Your friends will chuckle, and you won’t think about the phrase “bottoms up” quite the same way again.

Checkered Butt Buoy

The look of the Butt Buoys is a throwback to the 1980s, no doubt.  Hey, maybe the sweet cheeks are fashioned after Brooke Shields or Jennifer Jason Leigh.

There are a lot of varieties to choose from for the “bikini bottoms” too, whether you want to go with the timeless black or choose from the checkered pattern (raceway to my heart), blue-and-white star pattern (all-American lady), and many others.

Be proud of being a grown-ass man with a Novelty Boat Marker Buoy. Not only are you smiling out on the water but you also get a high-quality boat buoy that does what it’s made to do. The PVC is heavy gauge, and its dimensions are about 12″D x 8″H.

The Butt Buoys are easy to use too. Just inflate them with a hand pump and then set them on the water. They’ll float along with a bootylicious attitude that rivals Destiny’s Child or JLo, and any man can appreciate that.

Kick ass with the buoys that bob with a combination of tackiness and sexy that is too good to miss out on. Aside from using them with your boat on the open water, the Butt Buoys also can hold pool and hot tub thermometers. Yup, these lady humps are sure a (cl)ass act.