Brace For The Winter Storm in Eastern U.S. With This In Your Trunk

Nope, we’re not referring to a “Help Me” sign in your car’s trunk. We want to introduce you to a portable car starter that can totally save your day in the midst of the chilly, snowy conditions forecast for eastern U.S. next week.

When the temperatures drop, your car’s battery is in jeopardy of dying. A stalled car is no fun, even in sunny weather, so we want to save you from having one heck of a bad day if this happens in the midst of a winter storm in the eastern states.

The solution is to keep the Nekteck Portable Multifunction Car Jump Starter in your vehicle’s trunk. We know, you have a soccer ball, gym equipment, tools, and loads of other stuff piled in there already. Don’t freak out. The Nekteck powerhouse is small enough to fit in your back pocket! It is lightweight too at only two pounds.

While it is compact, this impressive unit delivers you everything that you will need to jump start your car. It has 600-amps of power to jump start your vehicle’s 5L gas or 3.0L diesel engine as much as 25 times. Woah. It comes with a jumper cable with battery clamps, carrying case, and more. You’ll be back on the road in no time.

If it’s dark outside, you’ll appreciate the unit’s built-in LED flashlight that helps you see exactly what you’re doing as you jump start your car battery. The flashlight can also be a life saver (literally) if you get stranded outdoors; use the bright light as an SOS signal. The portable car starter has safety features too, which prevents issues such as an overcharge, short-circuit, overcurrent, or overvoltage.

And who says a man doesn’t know how to multitask? Prove your old lady wrong by also using the Nekteck power bank to charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop, MP3 player, headphones, speakers, or other electronic gadgets. It has 16800mAh high battery capacity and comes with a 4-in-1 mobile adapter for your phone or laptop (several models are compatible). Never worry about your phone or other favorite gadget dying on you again.

If you’re on a trip or have to head out in the looming winter storm in the eastern U.S., you won’t want to be without the Neckteck car jumper. Start your car and power all of your electronic devices with one compact unit!