Birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties

Gift ideas under $100

Gals love to experiment with new cosmetics, so the SHANY Professional Makeup Kit is the perfect gift for your GF’s birthday. The convenient compact features eyeshadows and blush galore, with a total of 75 colors. There are color combinations for any woman’s needs, regardless of skin tone.

Another option is to give her a framed poster that features words almost as sweet as she is. The I Love You to the Moon and Back Poster Print is a romantic present that tells her you’re ready for an epic Star Trek adventure if need be. You think she’s a star after all…

Thinking outside of the box? Some of the best presents are the most creative ones. Gather ten friends and coordinate a dance routine in the weeks leading up to her special day. Then surprise her with a flash mob when the day arrives, timing the flash mob to break out in the middle of your picnic date or another public place. She will be stoked at the fun event you organized and all the trouble you took to pull off the surprise without a hitch!

Gift ideas under $500

Plan a glamorous date that leaves your girlfriend breathless! Tell her to be ready in a fancy outfit for a certain time of the night and that you will pick her up. Don’t give her any more details than that so that he is buzzing with anticipation.

When you arrive at the door, have a bouquet of her favorite flowers on your arm. Whisk her off to a trendy restaurant that you made dinner reservations for weeks in advance. This special woman will love that you are taking the weight of decision making and planning date nights off her shoulders for an entire night. Tell her she can order whatever she wants and praise her on what she chooses from the menu. 

After dinner, take her back to your house where you have already put the birthday cake in the fridge.​ When you buy the cake, earlier in the day, ask the professional baker at the store to write her name on it as a personal touch.

TIP: If you’re unsure what type of flowers she likes best, opt instead for a unique arrangement, whether it is lilies or a mixed wildflower bouquet prearranged by the florist. Don’t give her cacti as they can prick her and you don’t want her thinking you’re a royal prick.

Gift ideas under $1000

Give girls designer purses and they will weaken at the knees. Your girlfriend will adore this Gucci Canvas Drawstring Shoulder Bag in green. Made in Italy, it has genuine leather trim, metal hardware, interior pocket, and 9inch handle. It is 100 percent authentic and will 100 percent make her day. Her friends are going to be jealous, and, for her, that’s a good thing (oh the joys of being her frenemy).

Or, if you want to gift her an experience instead, and you’re able to both get time off on the weekend closest to her actual birthday, why not take her for a small holiday instead? A romantic getaway for a few days is perfect for celebrating the day she was born and helping her forget any worries as she boards the place. 

  • Feeling extra romantic? Book a spa appointment ahead of time in the city where you will be and only tell her about it an hour beforehand. She’ll love the surprise element and the pampering that follows.