Because You Control Who Enters Your Man Cave

Sometimes all are not welcome… Especially when it comes to your man cave. It is your personal place, where you can wear your grungy sweatpants all day and eat right from the leftover containers without worrying about using dishes you would just have to wash later.

In these cases, when you really want to put out an un-welcome mat, we suggest you use the Come Back Doormat. It says in block letters, “Come Back With A Warrant.” What it means is go away, bud, this man cave is all full up (you get the point).

The reference to the warrant is playful, which is great if you have sarcastic friends like us. They will chuckle, and you can tell them you will only let them past the doormat if they bring a couple of cold ones with them the next time. This home item is also a hit with cop friends.

The doormat is highly durable, made of 100 percent Olefin. It can go either indoor or outdoor, so it’s a great option for outside your exterior basement door, in the attic doorway, or another room that holds your gear inside it. The dimensions of 27 inches by 18 inches means it fits well in front of most doors. It’s big enough to stop any more sh*t from entering your dungeon.

What we mean is that you won’t have to worry about pesky fibers from the doormat trudging into your man cave on the bottoms of the feet of people who you allow through the door. Oh and if you like this mat, then we might have to suggest a second one that says “Got a Bail Bondsman?” for when the cops show up and say that they do have a warrant (we kid, we laugh, we poke).

Now wipe your feet at the door, you animal you.