Because Beards Make Everything Better

If you couldn’t grow a beard even if your life depended on it or you don’t like the way it grows in uneven, we have the manly solution. We’re talking about the Beardo Original Foldaway Beard Hat.

This knitted ensemble is more than a beanie – although it’s one heck of a soft, warm hat for your head on cold winter days. It doubles as a cozy blanket on your face that looks like a macho beard. Yup, it’s a beanie with a beard.

This unique hat is all man, without an ounce of lame. Put it on when you go skiing, snowboarding, or whatever other outdoor sport is your latest obsession. Heading to a football or hockey game? Your trusty companion, in addition to your beer, is the Beardo beanie. It’s stylish and comfortable too, which is more than we can say about those dress pants that keep riding up your backside.

The tightly-knit beard is foldaway or detachable if you only want to wear the beanie; it’s totally your call. When you want the bearded look, it’s there in an instant, without having to worry about taking the time to maintain it within your morning grooming routine.

Take a look for yourself:

Adjust the beard easily to fit your face; its beard adjustment range of 14 cm (5.5 in) accommodates any face. There are no worries about getting the wrong size!

The knit beanie is soft, not scratchy or itchy – unlike a real beard, we might add. The 100-percent acrylic yarn is hand knit with love. Speaking of love (and getting some action in bed), if your gal isn’t a fan of the real deal, then you can just have a beard for a couple of hours with this Beardo Original Foldaway Beard Hat.

There’s a range of colors too, bud. The black beanie/brown beard combo is mega popular, with other great options being grey/brown, grey/black, black/blonde, and black/red.

Beard up and stay warm!