Batman Cufflinks: For the Stylin’ Superhero in You

When you want swag, you want these Batman superhero cufflinks. They take a bit of the serious edge off of those black tie events you sometimes have to attend.

Whether you’re a comic book addict now or used to be one, you would rock the business or social occasion with these bad boys on your cuffs. It’s about time everyone knows about your special superhero powers anyway.

The Batman logo cufflinks in silver tone are officially licensed from DC Comics. They have a vintage look that isn’t tacky in the least. And the fixed logo backing makes them easy to attach.

They’d make a rad groomsmen gift for your wedding or a badass addition for an office shirt that doesn’t cheapen your look (whoever called you cheap can go suck an egg).

As you take on Batman’s superpower characteristics, you become spectacular (more so than usual) at intimidation and interrogation techniques. You’re a brilliant detective, killer in the martial arts field and don a bulletproof batsuit. Hell yea! Do not mess with Adam West you in these metal cufflinks.

The Caped Crusader is in bat form on your French cuffs but never fear for the safety of people in Gotham City as he will continue to protect them from Mr. Freeze and other enemies. The novelty of the comic book just got stylin’ and looks like you’ll be sporting the trend at the next black tie function.

Watch out cause the Batcave just got a bit more swag. The superhero cufflinks can sit on the shelf of your lair until you wear them again. They’ll jazz up that suit that’s been hanging in the closet for a while. Yup, it still fits, and now you can freshen it up by simply adding a bit of bat.

See you on the flip side. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.