The Apocalypse Is Even Crazier With This Walking Dead Toy Collection

The zombie apocalypse isn’t just in TV land any more. Now you can bring it to your man cave to with this crazy Walking Dead TV toy collection from McFarlane Toys. From action figures to building sets, you can recreate your favorite scenes from the mega-hit television series on AMC.


It’s a friggin’ toy store for guys to salivate over (no sex scenes necessary). Want some specifics on what you’ll find in the collection? OK, let’s see, there’s the Rick Grimes Action Figure that depicts him after the attack on Terminus. He even comes with a mock assault rifle, pistol, and red handled machete.

You can own a scaled-down version of Dale’s RV too. The 468-piece set has such intricate details from The Walking Dead TV series that it’s mind blowing. The wheels on the van function, the screen door opens, and you can put the awning up or down. Put Dale (yup, he’s included in the set) on top with his binoculars but don’t put the included zombie too close to him!

Oh and get a load of this:

The action figures in the McFarlane Toys collection, whether they come with the sets (as with Dale’s RV set) are are sold on their own (as with Rick Grimes) have articulation at their main joints so you can move them as you please. McFarlane also carries an action figure of a vigilante Rick, as well as Michonene, a chopper building set with Daryl Dixon, a Woodbury assault vehicle set, and a play set that depicts the prison boiler room.

Journey back to your boyhood when you played with G.I. Joes – only now you can play with zombies and the characters you love from The Walking Dead. Re-enact your favourite TV scenes, make up new storylines, or plan how you will survive when the apocalypse hits your man cave.

Just a tip though to keep your voice down as you and your buds play with the toys or your ol’ lady might get jealous of the attention you’re giving them instead of her. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.