A comprehensive guide for choosing the best style of fireplace door

If you have a fireplace in your living space, then you must be aware of the dangers an open fire can impose on the surroundings and to the people. That is why you must install a fireplace door to ensure safety and to add a finishing touch to your fireplace.

Selecting the perfect and most well-matched screen for your fireplace can be a fun experience. Still, it can also be worrying and hectic if you don’t know the correct procedure to make your choice.

We are here to let you know about the few important things that you must be aware of before installing your fireplace gate.

Why choosing a specific fireplace door matters

There are two different types of fireplaces: a masonry fireplace and a zero-clearance fireplace. Before choosing the fireplace door, you must know what the type of fireplace is.

procedure to choose the best fireplace door

Masonry Fireplaces

are typically built at the time of the construction of the house. They are constructed with stone or brick, and they are an integral part of the building’s structure

Zero-clearance fireplaces

are not built on-site along with the construction of the house. They are constructed elsewhere and then later fitted in the respective house.

The construction of doors for a masonry fireplace is different from that of the zero-clearance doors. It is really important to make the selection according to your fireplace type. Masonry fireplaces, being made out of bricks and stones, have different ventilation requirements as compared to zero-clearance, which is made out of metal.

Hence, because of the safety and installation purposes, you must be aware of the specifications of your fireplace before deciding its shield.

Procedure to choose the best fireplace door

Now once you are aware of the type of your fireplace and its door, you will have to follow specific steps to make the perfect selection.

Decide on your budget

Before making any investment or long-term installation in your home, you must always plan and decide how much you are able to and want to spend on it.

fireplace door budget

There is a vast variety available for the door for fireplaces these days in various price ranges depending on its style and design. You can always select from them according to your own finances and budget.

Measure your fireplace

This is the first step that you will have to do – getting the measurement and dimensions of your fireplace. There are various types of fireplace: arched, rectangular, u-shaped, an L-shaped and a few others. Therefore, you must be really careful while taking your measurements of both the width and the height of the opening of your fireplace.

These sizes will help you in deciding if you need stock, i.e., an overlap fit, or a custom-made door that adjusts inside the opening of the fireplace.

Choose your style

Now is the time to pick the design and style of your fireplace door. You have to make several decisions in this area.


You can make your selection from two different style options. You can choose either antique and vintage style or an elegant and contemporary style according to your own taste and the setting of your living area.

Way of opening

There are basically two different types of mechanisms of doors. The first one is twin doors or cabinet doors that open up like a kitchen cabinet or a window. The second type is bi-fold doors, which have two panels that fold into each other upon opening.


You can have either a tempered glass for fireplace door or a ceramic glass door. Tempered glass is most suitable for low temperatures and for small-scale fireplaces, whereas a ceramic glass has a higher thermal capacity and is usually used for high-end fireplaces.

Decide which one is more appropriate for your fireplace and make your selection according to your own needs.

Consult with an expert

If you make the correct decision while choosing the fireplace door for the first time, then you will not have to worry about it anytime soon. Therefore, it is always better if you check in with an expert and discuss with him about your requirements so that he can help and guide you in making the right decision.

Fireplace door maintenance tips

Installing a door for your fireplace is usually a one-time investment if you take care of it and maintain it in the correct manner. In this section, we will tell you about some simple maintenance tips you can carry out to protect your fireplace glass doors from unnecessary damage.

  • Clean the glass doors of your fireplace at least once a week.
  • Prefer using hardwood over softwood as it is easier to clean.
  • Use creosote products to remove soot from the doors.
  • Use soft material to wipe your glass doors in order to avoid scratches. You may use a paper towel, a microfiber piece of cloth, or even a newspaper.
  • Always wear gloves when cleaning the doors.
  • Using a razor to clean the glass doors is a common myth, but it damages the glass. Thus, never use a scraper to clean your glass doors
  • Avoid burning unclean fire in your fireplace in order to protect your glass. Try not to burn coal, garbage, papers, or burnt wood.
  • Always provide proper room for ventilation in your fireplace.
  • When lighting a fire, do not place the wood very close to the glass doors.

The fireplace area is usually the coziest and used section of the house. It is where the family normally sits together and enjoys a warm cup of tea or coffee in a well-heated environment, while the temperature outside remains chilly. Click here to get the detailed guide on how to clean fireplace glass doors

So, it is better if this living space looks beautiful while being safe. To ensure this, installing a reliable, good-looking, and appropriate door for your fireplace is probably one of the most important and intelligent things you can do. We hope that this guideline will help you in making the correct choice.