9 Of The Most Searched Man Cave Items

Say bravo to… you! Your manhood is something to celebrate, and it’s about time you did so. Put together the best lair possible by including one, two, or all nine of these most searched man cave items. Go ahead, we’re right beside you and grinning too.

1. Everything Is Better With Bluetooth

Bluetooth Speaker for the Man Cave

You can bet that every man cave has to have some electronics. Bluetooth, in particular, is awesome. It’s conveniently portable, has an easy setup, and delivers clear rich sound. Find out why the MINI JAMBOX shown in the photo above makes our list of the top 5 affordable Bluetooth speakers.

2. From The Throne To The Man Cave

Game of Thrones Flash Drive

Game of Thrones is not only the best TV show out there (sorry Big Bang Theory fans) but it also has inspired great stuff for the man cave. Want an example? Sure, but you’ll have to suck an egg if you’re not in agreement. It’s a Game of Thrones flash drive that looks like a dragon egg. Just crack open the shell to birth a dragon reveal the removable USB 16GB drive.

3. Sign Us Up For Neon

avengers neon sign

Neon signs are a great part of your lair. They come in pretty much any design, light up a dark basement instantly, and add an extra element of cool to the room. Check out how this Avengers neon sign fits into a den devoted to the epic superhero flick.

4. You Know The Drill

Porter Cable Drill Review

The Porter-Cable PCCK602L2 20V MAX Lithium 2 Tool Combo Kit shown above is a great choice for your metalwork or woodwork projects for the man cave. It is lightweight, versatile with its 1/2″ drill/drive, and has a powerful construction. Make a wood bar top for your basement bar or craft an original gear sculpture for your steampunk room.

5. Everyone Gets A Kegerator

Beer Dispenser or Kegorator

When Oprah said “you get a car” to the audience and gave away a car to everyone in the audience, men secretly hoped she would also hand out kegerators. These beer dispensers are one of the most searched man cave items for two good reasons. You can make it yourself, and your buds will think you’re as awesome as Tony Stark. Check out how to build your own DIY kegerator for your bar.

6. We Played Foosball Before It Was Cool

Foosball Reviews for Man Cave

Just sayin’, we played table games before they were cool. Have your buds over, drink some beers, and play foosball. Can’t ask for a better night, all without leaving the house. Better make sure that you get a quality foosball table, though, so check out this review.

7. Poker Face Place

Card Table and Man Cave Search

8. Man Cave Bar: Everyone Knows Your Name

Build Man Cave Bar

You can have your own Cheers where “everyone knows your name” when you have a man cave bar. It’s your freakin’ house so of course you’re known to everyone! It doesn’t get much better than going to the basement to sip a few cold ones. No designated driver is needed, but you have to remember to head back upstairs at the end of the night to bed.

9. Media Streamers For Shizzle

Media Streamer for Man Cave

We wanted to find the most searched man cave items, and it led us straight to the TV set. Get the most bang for your buck by cutting the cable and getting a media-streaming device instead. Choose the best media streamer for you and save BIG on your cable bill with this handy guide.

Now you’ve got the essentials to put together the best man cave ever. From media streamers to a kegerator, drill, and Bluetooth speaker, you’ve got the ultimate electronics to play with as you drink beer. Just don’t operate the drill if you’re drunk. Please and thank you. Until next time, bros.