8 Ridiculous Mistakes in Your Online Dating Game

You want love, sex, and your best friend, hopefully all wrapped up in one beautiful female package. That sounds great, right? You’ve given up on meeting her at the bar so now you’re looking online. The problem is you don’t seem to be doing any better on these supposed matchmaking websites; the lack of responses to your typed messages to ladies is, well, disappointing. Here are the mistakes you’re making in your online dating game that (unbeknown to you) are totally ridiculous.

1. No Profile Picture

no photo i your profile

You’ll get way more fish pulling at your line when you have a profile pic. By fish, we mean women. By line, we mean your dick. By pulling, we mean – you don’t need us to spell it out. What, you don’t have a pic? Then you’re a dickhead, to be exact. Post at least three photos of you and make at least one of them a medium shot that shows your body type to interested ladies. Also, women will find you sexier if you smile in the pics.

2. Talk Sex In Your Profile

Sex and Online Dating Mistake

If you do, then you’re not going to get a lot of responses, buddy. Women will think you’re only after one thing. If you get into a relationship with her down the line, she will likely realize sex comes as part of the package. There’s no need to be so forward here. Don’t be an ass.

3. IM Her Right Away

Men's Dating Mistakes

Woah, slow down there. Your online dating mistake is IMing her before you’ve even sent her a private message. Go slow and wait for a few messages between you before you go for the instant message option. Give her time to warm up to your teddy bear self.

4. She’s Hot, So You Tell Her

Mistake in Online Dating

You thought she was attractive and said so in your message to her. Ridiculous mistake? Yup. Don’t just compliment on her looks or she’ll think you’re only interested in her physically.
Instead, read her profile and ask her about hobbies or something else you read. Then go back and salivate over her pic again.

5. You Don’t Make Your Move

Men's Online Dating Mistakes

So the key here is to take the dating scene from online to offline, right? You’re not looking for a penpal. After you had exchanged a few messages with her, you didn’t ask her out. You waited too long, and someone else picked her up. Now you’re just feeling like a tool.

6. You Lie

Loser Lies on Online Dating Profile

This one makes us shake our heads. You lied about your height or income. Why? If you end up dating the chick down the line, then she’ll find out you’re full of BS. Don’t start off on the wrong foot as that won’t help you sweep her off her virtual feet (and into your bed). L is for loser.

7. You’re Wishy Washy

Wishy Washy Man

It frustrates women when you are indecisive about your first meet. Go for it – choose the place and time. She will appreciate that you make the first move so confidently (even if you’re just ready to hurl instead).

8. High Expectations

Too High Expectations Dating Mistake Online

Before you meet her for the first time, set your expectations low. You’re just going to meet her and see if there’s chemistry, not to right away find the love of your life. Sure, it could develop into that over time. But soulmate on the first meet? Probably not. Set your bar low so you’re not disappointed. Do a mental limbo.

Change your ways, bud, and you could get laid, find yourself a sweet gal, and have some laughs. Study up, apply these tips, and happy hunting!