8 Most Embarrassing Moments Caught on Camera

Get ready for some uber embarrassing moments, either for someone in the photo or someone watching the event unfold. Maybe you’ll smile, the chances are that you will laugh, and, above all, it will be awkward. Heck, we have fun, you know that. Come join in. Here are 8 of the most embarrassing moments caught on camera.

1. Naked Distraction

Embarrassing Selfie

You’re looking awesome in the front with a party in the back; it’s kind of like the mullet without all of the coolness. What’s with the naked guy in the back? We’d love to get the full story but don’t need to see the full frontal.

2. A Little Too Close

The Fan is Too Close Embarrassing
These fans are reaching out for her adoration, love and… crotch?! Check out the one fan’s hand that got a little too close. Perhaps a crotch photo is fine now and then but we don’t think she okayed it beforehand.

3.Best Friends?

Awkward Moment
We’re thinking that they’re likely not BFFs. Can this guy look any less impressed with the person he’s stuck with beside him for the trip? On the other hand, at least the pillow will bring sweet dreams of pants in the future.

4. And Then That Happened

Cheerleader Oops
It makes you wonder what they see underneath those cheerleading skirts. We’re thinking the gal circled on the left is hungry, while the gal on the right is about to vomit her protein-packed lunch.

5. Get. Away. From. Me.

Embarrassing Couple
You’ve got to hand it to this guy. Just how bad is this guy’s game to get her to make that face? It’s not his finest moment. Maybe he needs a better wingman. An embarrassing moment, yes.

6.Bloody Hell!

Man Running Bloody Nipples
Ouch. Dude! That chafing is no fun, but it IS super embarrassing. When you have a marathon to run (personally we’d rather hang back at the NYC man cave), you might want to break out the nip protection.

7. Sometimes It’s A Long Ride

Woman Embarrassing Moment
You just never know if you might have to go to the bathroom during a long bus ride. Really, we understand (Sarcasm, much?). There’s nothing quite like that moment when you realize everyone behind you can see your diaper, and that other moment when you tell them you just sh*t your diaper. Well, at least she’s prepared.

8. Card Shark Alert

Funny Moment Computer
She is working; yes, really she is. No, really. It’s embarrassing to get caught not doing your job while on the clock, and we’re pretty sure she had no idea this photo was taken. On the other hand, she’s going to be in Vegas soon and rocking the tables with her card-playing moves. Care to bet on it?

These 8 photos were taken at the best or worst times, depending whether you’re in the pics or seeing them from afar instead. Thank you creepy diaper gal on the bus and the crotch-obsessed fan for brightening our morning.

If you laughed as much as we did when we put together this post then we’re pretty sure your day is on the right track. We couldn’t say the same for the people in the photos, though.