8 DIY Ideas For The Ultimate Man Cave

You really ought to fix up your manly dungeon but… how?! If you are in need of inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 8 DIY ideas to build the ultimate man cave. Let’s start with a few blocks.

1. Go Around The Block 

Man Cave DIY Project with Cinder Blocks

Use cinder blocks to create easily a structure to organize your mags, gaming gear, a mish mash of cords, and more. Combine the blocks with wooden planks and add crates at the bottom for extra storage. The TV on top is the pièce de résistance.

We think the inside of one concrete block could be perfect for storing your phone and keys so you never lose them again. Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to even the best of us. And by “best” we mean the writers at Man Cave Master. Find extra organizational advice here.

2. Metal Bed Head

Headboard from Perforated Metal Sheet

If your space is small, and you still want a headboard, try using a perforated metal sheet. This one cuts easily and has a great design. Plus, it’s inexpensive. Hang up your favorite framed photo of Nixon or whatever else your heart desires (we’ll judge you from afar).

3. A Stain By Any Other Name

Man Cave DIY Floor

Normally we loathe stains, but not in this case. Add depth and a cool marbling effect to your boring concrete floor by applying an acid stain to it. The job can be done within just a day. Here is how to get the manly effect:

How To Acid Stain Your Concrete Floor

  1. Start by removing the baseboards and trim work from the concrete floor to avoid accidentally damaging them as you work on the project.
  2. Cover the lower portion of your walls with masking paper to protect them from the stain; attach the paper with painter’s tape every 6-8″.
  3. Next, mix the acid stain mix. It has a bold scent so be sure to do so in a well-ventilated area or, better yet, outside. Add the acid stain to water, rather than adding the water to the acid stain.
  4. Wear safety protection, as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, and follow the remaining steps.

4. Hangin’ Out With Foosball

Man Cave Foosball Coat Hanger

Take your love of foosball to the next level. This coat hanger is great for all ages, but obviously it suits us men the best. If your man cave has a sports theme, complete with game tables like foosball, then you’re all set, aren’t you? 

Just looking at this coat hanger takes us back to our childhood last week at the YMCA when we were in cut-throat foosball championships. Take a rod from a damaged foosball table no longer being used and add a birch grip to each side. Or buy it at Fancy if you’re too sore from foosball wins to DIY anything. Note: the men don’t spin when you’re done. Your buddy’s head may spin though when he sees it.

5. Gone To The Dogs

DIY Dog Bed for the Man Cave Dog

Your man cave is going to the dogs! This DIY find celebrates your real family (no offense to the Mrs). Turn a wine barrel into a dog bed that looks much more expensive than it was to make. Plus, you can customize it for your furry best friend. Here are all the details on how to repurpose the wine barrel.

6. Jack Gives Back

DIY Project with Jack Daniels Bottle

Jack Daniels never goes out of style, especially when you repurpose the bottle as a soap dispenser in your bathroom.

You’ve always been told to recycle, and now you are! Way to show your green spirit.

Just make sure you clean out the bottle well before you fill it with soap and add the pump top. Otherwise everyone will be sipping the soap mixture and smelling like alcoholics. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

This Jack Daniels soap dispenser is the DIY man cave project you love because it involves drinking whiskey to empty the bottle and it’s super easy to refill it with the soap. The project is done in no time.

7. The Perfect Wood

DIY Serving Board for Man Cave

Like the simple DIY man cave projects? Then you’ll think this one is awesome. Use the finished board to serve cheese or other foods to your guests (if they deserve to enter your lair), or it makes a great cutting board. Even if you don’t have access to a wood slice, you can use a basswood round from Amazon. Here’s the step-by-step guide. Gotta love wood. No, wait…

8. Savvy Storage System

DIY Man Cave Project for More Storage

Install drawers underneath your cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms to provide extra space to put those things that you never seem to be able to find a place to put them. Put together the drawers and then slip them under the cabinets. After all, it’s wasted space you could be putting to use! Here is the DIY guide on how to build the drawers and install them.

These DIY projects for your man cave are great ways to customize your space, and many of them offer practical solutions too. That wasted space under the counter gets filled with your favorite cooking utensils, for example, while the Jack Daniels bottle you worked so hard to devour can now serve as a creative soap dispenser. Try 1, 2 or all 8 of these DIY ideas. Time to man up and get back to work. It’s not easy being perfect.