7 Surprising Reasons Beer Is Healthier Than You Thought

Men and beer go together like Home Simpson and donuts. It’s just a partnership that works. And now you can feel even better about reaching for another cold one once you know these 7 surprising ways that beer benefits your health. What, you don’t believe us? Read on, bro, read on.

1. Beer Improves Heart Health

Beer and Heart Health
Your heart will thank you for that beer that you just guzzled back. A recent study found that within an hour after its participants drank most of a British pint (about 378 ml) that they had better blood flow to the heart than did those participants who drank a non-alcoholic alternative!

2. It’s A Type Of Medicine

Prescription for Beer
Forget Buckley’s. The better medicine is beer! The acids in beer called humulones, when taken in small amounts, can be beneficial for diabetes, certain types of cancer, and possibly even weight loss, as per the Angewandte Chemie International Edition Journal.

3. Hydration 101

beer hydration photo
You always knew beer to be a thirst quencher and, guess what, you were right. The carbonation in the awesome beverage helps to satisfy your thirsty feeling, as per a study from the Granada University of Spain. Students were either given beer or water after working out until their body temperatures rose to 104 degrees, and the hydration levels of the beer drinkers were a bit better than the water group. Coincidence? Nah.

4. Say Goodbye to Carcinogens

Dark Beer is Better
Dark beer seems to lesson the carcinogens in grilled meat, as per a study by the Universidade do Porto.

The study tested the possible link between meat that is grilled and colorectal cancer as compounds called PAHs form when meat is grilled using high heat. The finding that dark beer lowers the potential number of carcinogens is a reason to take another sip of that dark brew of health, my friend!

5. Live Longer? OK

Surprised Face Beer Health
You live longer if you drink beer. Yup. It’s true for all alcohol as the drink lengthens telomeres or the caps on DNA strands in our chromosomes. Research indicates that the longer the telomeres in the body, the longer the life of the person. So you got another bigger part that the ladies will like.

6. Get Laid More

sex photo
If you drink beer, you’re more likely to have sex earlier in your relationship.
The dating website OKCupid’s founder Christian Rudder studied profiles of men and women, as well as their interactions. Rudder found that people who drank beer were more likely to be open for casual sex. Order me up a pint, stat!

7. Be Happier Than Pharrell

A Happy Man About Beer
Pharrell Williams isn’t the only one to sing about being Happy. You might do belting out that song too and feeling a whole lot happier yourself if you drink beer.

Well, at least that’s according to Indiana University School of Medicine who found that men showed much more dopamine activity after drinking beer than Gatorade.

Ha, we could have told them we’re happy drinking beer and pocketed that research money to buy a few cold ones instead!

Ah, beer. We always knew it was a great choice at the bar or in the man cave but who realized our health would be thanking us for that choice?

From living longer to being happier, the amazing benefits of beer remind us that we’re going to have to reach for another brewski soon. The next round’s on us.